01. Introduction

Many of the subjects on this site may seem strange. Some of them may even be startling. However, you may find that they all encourage thoughtful consideration.

As you become familiar with the thought, and think your way through this site, you will find that it becomes increasingly clear, and that you are in the process of developing an understanding of certain fundamental but heretofore mysterious facts of lifeā€”and particularly about yourself.

This site explains the purpose of life.

That purpose is not merely to find happiness, either here or hereafter. Neither is it to "save" one's soul.

The real purpose of life, the purpose that will satisfy both sense and reason, is this:

that each one of us will be progressively conscious in ever higher degrees in being conscious; that is, conscious of nature, and in and through and beyond
nature. By nature is meant all that one can be made conscious of through the senses.

As you ponder these truths you find that, however you might try, you cannot think that you yourself will ever come to an end, any more than you can think that you yourself ever had a beginning. This is because your identity is beginningless and endless; the real I, the Self that you feel, is immortal and changeless, forever beyond the reach of the phenomena of change, of time,of death. But what this your mysterious identity is, you do not know.

When you ask yourself, "What do I know that I am?" the presence of your identity will eventually cause you to answer in some such manner as this:

"Whatever it is that I am, I know that at least I am conscious; I am conscious at least of being conscious."

And continuing from this fact you may say: "Therefore I am conscious that I am. I am conscious, moreover, that I am I; and that I am no other. I am conscious that this my identity that I am conscious of, this distinct I-ness and selfness that I clearly feel, does not change throughout my life, though everything else that I am conscious of seems to be in a state of constant change."

Proceeding from this you may say: "I do not yet know what this mysterious unchanging I is; but I am conscious that in this human body, of which I am conscious during my waking hours, there is something which is conscious; something that feels and desires and thinks, but that does not change; a conscious something that wills and impels this body to act, yet obviously is not the body. Clearly this conscious something, whatever it is, is myself."

Thus, by thinking, you come to regard yourself no longer as a body bearing a name and certain other distinguishing features, but as the conscious self in the body. The conscious self in the body is called, the doer-in-the-body.

The doer-in-the-body is the subject with which this site is particularly concerned. You therefore will find it helpful, to think of yourself as an embodied doer; to look upon yourself as an immortal doer in a human body. As you learn to think of yourself as a doer, as the doer in your body, you will be taking an important step toward understanding the mystery of yourself and of others.

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