16. Incorruptible Body

Some statements in this site, will quite possibly seem strange, even fantastic, until enough thought has been given to them.

For instance: the idea that the human physical body may be made incorruptible, everlasting; may be regenerated and restored to a state of perfection and eternal life from which the doer long ago caused it to fall; and, further, the idea that that state of perfection and eternal life is to be gained, not after death, not in some far away nebulous hereafter, but in the physical world while one is alive.

This may indeed seem very strange, but when examined intelligently it will not appear to be unreasonable.

What is unreasonable is that the physical body of man must die; still more unreasonable is the proposition that it is only by dying that one can live forever.

Scientists have of late been saying that there is no reason why the life of the body should not be extended indefinitely, although they do not suggest how this could be accomplished.

Certainly, human bodies have always been subject to death; but they die simply because no reasonable effort has been made to regenerate them.

Sex power is another mystery which man must solve. It should be a blessing. Instead, man very often makes of it his enemy, his devil, that is ever with him and from which he cannot escape.

This site shows how, by thinking, to use it as the great power for good which it should be; and how by understanding and self-control to regenerate the body and accomplish one's aims and ideals in ever progressive degrees of accomplishment.

Every human being is a double mystery: the mystery of himself, and the mystery of the body he is in. He has and is the lock and key to the double mystery. The body is the lock, and he is the key in the lock.

A purpose of this site is to tell you how to understand yourself as the key to the mystery of yourself; how to find yourself in the body; how to find and know your real Self as Self-knowledge; how to use yourself as the key to open the lock which is your body; and, through your body, how to understand and know the mysteries of nature.

You are in, and you are the operator of, the individual body machine of nature; it acts and reacts with and in relation to nature.

When you solve the mystery of yourself as the doer of your Self-knowledge and the operator of your body machine, you will know, in each detail and altogether, that the functions of the units of your body are laws of nature.

You will then know the known as well as the unknown laws of nature, and be able to work in harmony with the great nature machine through its individual body machine in which you are.

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