05. New Body-New Life

When you commence a new life you are conscious, as in a haze. You feel that you are a distinct and definite something. This feeling of I-ness or selfness is probably the only real thing of which you are conscious for a considerable time. All else is mystery. For a while you are bewildered, perhaps even distressed, by your strange new body and unfamiliar surroundings.

But as you learn how to operate your body and use its senses you tend gradually to identify yourself with it.

Moreover, you are trained by other human beings to feel that your body is yourself;

A greater mystery is your real Self—that greater Self which is not in your body; not in or of this world of birth and death; but which, consciously immortal in the all-pervading Realm of Permanence, is a presence with you through all your lifetimes, through all your interludes of sleep and death.

There is such a Self.

It is of the Triune Self, so called because it is one indivisible unit of an individual trinity:

of a knower part, a thinker part, and a doer part.

Only a portion of the doer part can enter the animal body and make that body human. That embodied part is what is here termed the doer-in-the-body. In each human being the embodied doer is an inseparable part of its own Triune Self, which is a distinct unit among other Triune Selves.

The thinker and knower parts of each Triune Self are in the Eternal, the Realm of Permanence, which pervades this, our human world of birth and death and time.

The doer-in-the-body is controlled by the senses and by the body; therefore it is not able to be conscious of the reality of the ever-present thinker and knower parts of its Triune Self. It misses them; the objects of the senses blind it, the coils of flesh hold it.

It does not see beyond the objective forms; it fears to free itself from the fleshly coils, and stand alone.

When the embodied doer proves itself willing and ready to dispel the glamour of the sense illusions, its thinker and knower are always ready to give it Light on the way to Self-knowledge.

But the embodied doer in search for the thinker and knower looks abroad.

Identity, or the real Self, has always been a mystery to thinking human beings in every civilization.

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