11. The Mind

The word mind as commonly used is the all-inclusive term which is made to apply to all kinds of thinking, indiscriminately. It is generally supposed that man has only one mind.

Actually three different and distinct minds, that is, ways for thinking with the Conscious Light, are being used by the embodied doer.

These, previously mentioned, are: the body-mind, the feeling-mind, and the desire-mind.

Mind is the functioning of intelligent-matter. A mind therefore does not function independently of the doer.

The functioning of each of the three minds is dependent upon the embodied feeling-and-desire, the doer.

The body-mind is that which is commonly spoken of as the mind, or the intellect. It is the functioning of feeling-and-desire as the mover of physical nature, as the operator of the human body machine, and hence is here called the body-mind. It is the only mind that is geared to and that acts in phase with and through the senses of the body. Thus it is the instrument by means of which the doer is conscious of and may act upon and within and through the matter of the physical world.

The feeling-mind and the desire-mind are the functioning of feeling and of desire irrespective of or in connection with the physical world. These two minds are almost completely submerged in and controlled and subordinated by the body-mind. Therefore practically all human thinking has been made to conform to the thinking of the body-mind, which ties the doer to nature and prevents its thinking of itself as something distinct from the body.

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