02. The Senses

You are aware of your body, and of all else that is of nature, by means of the senses. It is only by means of your body senses that you are able to function at all in the physical world.

You function by thinking. Your thinking is prompted by your feeling and your desire. Your feeling and desiring and thinking invariably manifest in bodily activity; physical activity is merely the expression, the exteriorization, of your inner activity.

Your body with its senses is the instrument, the mechanism, which is impelled by your feeling and desire; it is your individual nature machine.

Your senses are living beings; invisible units of nature-matter; these start forces that permeate the entire structure of your body;

They are entities which, though unintelligent, are conscious as their functions.

Your senses serve as the centers, the transmitters of impressions between the objects of nature and the human machine that you are operating.

The senses are nature's ambassadors to your court.

Your body and its senses have no power of voluntary functioning; no more than your glove through which you are able to feel and act.

Rather, that power is you, the operator, the conscious self, the embodied doer.

Without you, the doer, the machine cannot accomplish anything.

The involuntary activities of your body—the work of building, maintenance, tissue repair, and so forth, are carried on automatically by the individual breathing machine, as it functions for and in conjunction with the great nature machine of change.

This routine work of nature in your body is being constantly interfered with, however, by your unbalanced and irregular thinking:

the work is marred and nullified to the degree that you cause destructive and unbalancing bodily tension by allowing your feelings and desires to act without your conscious control.

Therefore, in order that nature might be allowed to recondition your machine without the interference of your thoughts and emotions, it is provided that you shall periodically let go of it; nature in your body provides that the bond which holds you and the senses together is at times relaxed, partially or completely.

This relaxation or letting go of the senses is sleep.

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