13. The Soul

It has long been understood and agreed by people generally, however, that man is made up of "body, soul, and spirit." No one doubts that the body is an animal organism; but concerning spirit and soul there has been much uncertainty and speculation.

On these vital subjects this site is explicit.

This site shows that the living soul is an actual and literal fact.

It shows that its purpose and its functioning are of great importance in the universal plan, and that it is indestructible.

It is explained that that which has been called the soul is a nature unit, an elemental, a unit of an element; and that this conscious but unintelligent entity is the furthest advanced of all the nature units in the make-up of the body: it is the senior elemental unit in the body organization, having progressed to that function after a long apprenticeship in the myriad lesser functions comprising nature.

Being thus the sum of all of nature's laws, this unit is qualified to act as the automatic general manager of nature in the human body mechanism; as such it serves the immortal doer through all its re-existences by periodically building a new fleshly body for the doer to come into, and maintaining and repairing that body for as long as the destiny of the doer may require, as determined by the doer's thinking.

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