15. Body - Result Of Thinking

Your body is literally the result of your thinking.

Whatever it may show of health or disease, you make it so by your thinking and feeling and desiring. Your present body of flesh is actually an expression of your imperishable soul, your breath-form; it is thus an exteriorization of the thoughts of many lifetimes. It is a visible record of your thinking and doings as a doer, up to the present. In this fact lies the germ of the body's perfectibility and immortality.

There is nothing so very strange today in the idea that man will one day attain to conscious immortality; that he will eventually regain a state of perfection from which he originally fell.

Such a teaching in varying forms has been generally current in the West for nearly two thousand years. During that time it has spread through the world so that hundreds of millions of doers, re-existing on earth through the centuries, have been brought into recurrent contact with the idea as an inwardly apprehended truth.

Though there is still very little understanding of it, and still less thinking about it; though it has been distorted to satisfy the feelings and desires of different people; and though it may be regarded variously today with indifference, levity, or sentimental awe, the idea is a part of the general thought pattern of present day Humanity, and therefore is deserving of thoughtful consideration.

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