Definitions A

ACCIDENT, AN: is usually said to be an unexpected happening or eventwithout apparent cause. Nevertheless, an accident is the only visible segment in a chain or circle of unobserved or preceding causes inevitably resulting in that occurrence called accident. The other segments of the circle are the thoughts and
acts which are related to the accident.

AIA: (eye'-uh) is the name here given to a unit that has successively progressed through each and every degree in being conscious as its function in a University of Laws, in a perfect, sexless and immortal body; which has graduated from nature, and is on the intelligent-side as a point or line distinguishing it from the nature-side.

ALCOHOLISM: is a psychic disease of the doer of desire-and-feeling, with which disease the physical body is infected by the drinking of alcoholic liquors. Alcohol is excellent and trustworthy, while kept as a servant, or used as a medium in the making of pharmaceutical preparations. But alcohol, as a spirit, is ruthless and relentless when it becomes master. It is only a matter of time, in this or some future life, when every doer will of necessity have to face the fiend and conquer or be conquered by it. The liquor is harmless, if one does not drink it; it is only a medium. But when one drinks it, the spirit of which alcohol is the medium makes contact with desire in the blood and with feeling in the nerves and cajoles the desire and feeling into the belief that it is a friend, and this belief grows and grows. It is the spirit of conviviality and good fellowship through all stages of drunkenness along which it leads its victim. And when the doer eventually is too depraved to take on the human form, the fiend leads it to its prison in the inner recesses of the earth, where it is fixed in conscious inertia. Conscious inertia is more galling and frightful than the fiercest fires of any theological or other hell conceivable. Alcohol is the preserving spirit in nature; but it kills the thing which it preserves. The spirit of drunkenness fears the Conscious Light in the human, and strives to incapacitate the human. The only sure way to be the master and not the slave of the spirit of alcohol is: Do not taste it. Have a firm and definite mental attitude and set not to take it under any pretense or form. Then one will be the master. ANGER: is desire burning in the blood and acting in resentment at what is or is supposed to be a wrong to oneself or to another.

APPEARANCE: is nature units grouped into mass or form and is visible; it is subject to change or disappearance, when that which holds it together changes or is withdrawn.

APPETITE: is the desire to gratify taste and smell with material, in response to the urge of entities of nature to keep matter in circulation.

ART: is skill in the expression of feeling and desire.

ASTRAL: is starry matter.

ASTRAL BODY: as a term used in this book is to describe the radiant-solid of the fourfold physical body. The other three are the airy-solid, fluid-solid, and solid-solid. The airy-solid and fluid-solid are only masses, they are not developed into form. The astral body is that which shapes the matter of the growing body
according to the form of the breath-form until birth. Thereafter, the physical body depends on the astral body to keep its structure in form according to the form of the breath-form. After the breath-form leaves the body at death, the astral body remains near the physical structure. Then the astral body depends on the structure for maintenance, and is dispersed as the structure decays.

ATMOSPHERE: is the mass of diffused matter which radiates from and surrounds any object or thing.

ATMOSPHERE, PHYSICAL HUMAN: is the spherical mass of radiant, airy, fluid, and solid units emanating from and kept circulating in four constant streams of units in and through the body by the breath, the active side of the breath-form.

ATMOSPHERE OF THE HUMAN, PSYCHIC: is the active side of the doer, the psychic part of the Triune Self, the passive side of one portion of which exists in the kidneys and adrenals and the voluntary nerves and the blood of the human body. It surges, pounds, pulls and pushes through the blood and nerves of
the body in response to the desire and feeling of the doer which re-exists in the body.

ATMOSPHERE OF THE HUMAN, MENTAL: is that part of the mental atmosphere of the Triune Self which is through the psychic atmosphere and by means of which the feeling-mind and desire-mind may think at the neutral points between the uninterrupted inflow and outflow of breathing.

ATMOSPHERE, OF ONE'S TRIUNE SELF, NOETIC: is, so to say, the reservoir, from which the Conscious Light is conveyed by the mental and psychic atmospheres to the doer-in-the-body through the breath.

ATMOSPHERE OF EARTH: is made up of the four spherical zones or masses of radiant, airy, fluid, and solid units which keep up a constant circulation from and through the compacted and spherical earth crust, and from and through the interior to the farthest stars.

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