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CELL, A: is an organization composed of transient units of matter from the radiant, airy, fluid, and solid streams of matter, organized into living structure by the related and reciprocal action of four compositor units: the breath-link, life-link, form-link, and cell-link compositor units constituting that cell, which is not visible, not the body of composed transient units which may be visible or seen under a microscope. The four compositor units are linked together and remain in that cell; the transient units are like flowing streams from which the compositors continue to catch and compose transient units into and as the body of that cell during the continuance of the larger organization of which that cell is a component part. The four compositor units of a cell in a human body are indestructible; when they are not supplied with transient units the cell body will cease, be decomposed and disappear, but the compositors of the cell will again build out a body at some future time.

CHANCE: is a word used to excuse oneself for not understanding, or to explain acts, objects and events that occur and which are not easily explained, as "games of chance," or "chance happenings". But there is no such thing as chance, in the sense that a happening could have happened in any other way than it did, independent of law and order. Every act of chance, such as the flipping of a coin, the turning of a card, the throwing of a die, happens according to certain laws and in order, whether they are according to laws of physics or laws of knavery and trickery. If what is called chance were independent of law, there would be no dependable laws of nature. Then there would be no certainty of the seasons, of day and night. These are laws which we more or less understand, just as are "chance" happenings, which we do not take enough trouble to understand.

CHARACTER: is the degree of honesty and truthfulness of one's feelings and desires, as expressed by his individual thought, word and action. Honesty and truthfulness in thought and act are the fundamentals of good character, the distinguishing marks of a strong and considerate and fearless character. Character is inborn, inherited from one's own former lives, as the predisposition to think and act; it is continued or changed as one chooses.

COMMUNION: is the thinking oneself into relation with rightness, and in receiving Light, according to the system of thinking.

CONCEPTION, DIVINE, "IMMACULATE": is not the impregnation of an ovum in a woman, to be followed by the gestation and birth of another physical body. A sexual birth cannot result from a divine conception. A truly "immaculate" conception is for the rebuilding of the imperfect sexual physical body of death into a perfect sexless physical body of eternal life. When the twelve preceding lunar germs have been merged with the thirteenth lunar germ, on its return to the head, it is there met by the solar germ, and receives a ray of Light from the Intelligence. That is a self-impregnation, a divine conception. The rebuilding of the perfect body follows.

CONSCIENCE: is the sum of knowledge about what should not be done in relation to any moral subject. It is one's standard for right thinking, right feeling, and right action; it is the soundless voice of rightness in the heart that forbids any thought or act which varies from what it knows to be right. The "No" or "Don't" is the voice of the doer's knowledge concerning what he should avoid or not do or not give consent to be done in any situation.

CONSCIOUS: is, with knowledge; the degree in which that which is conscious is conscious in relation to knowledge.

CONSCIOUSNESS: is the Presence in all things-by which each thing is conscious in the degree in which it is conscious as what or of what it is or does. As a word it is the adjective "conscious" developed into a noun by the suffix "ness." It is a word unique in language; it has no synonyms, and its meaning extends beyond human comprehension. Consciousness is beginningless, and endless; it is indivisible, without parts, qualities, states, attributes or limitations. Yet, everything, from the least to the greatest, in and beyond time and space is dependent on it, to be and to do. Its presence in every unit of nature and beyond nature enables all things and beings to be conscious as what or of what they are, and are to do, to be aware and conscious of all other things and beings, and to progress in continuing higher degrees of being conscious towards the only one ultimate Reality-Consciousness.

CREDULITY: is the innocent readiness of the doer-in-the-body to believe that things are as they appear, and to accept as true what is said or written.

CULTURE: is the high development of learning, skill and character of a people, or of civilization as a whole.

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