Definitions F

FACTS: are the realities of the objective or subjective acts, objects or events in the state or on the plane on which they are experienced or observed, as evident to and tried by the senses, or as considered and judged by reason. Facts are of four kinds: physical facts, psychic facts, mental facts, and noetic facts.

FAITH: is the imagination of the doer which makes a strong impression on the breath-form because of trust and confidence without doubt. Faith comes from the doer.

FALSEHOOD: is a statement as fact of what is believed to be untrue, or the denial of what is believed to be true.

FAME, (A NAME): is the changing cluster of impressions of indeterminate attributes for a personality, which are evanescent as bubbles.

FEAR: is the feeling of foreboding or impending danger concerning mental or emotional or physical trouble.

FEELING: is that of one's conscious self in the body which feels; which feels the body, but does not identify and distinguish itself as feeling, from the body and the sensations which it feels; it is the passive side of the doer-in-the-body, the active side of which is desire.

FEELING, ISOLATION OF: is its freedom from control by the body-mind and the realization of itself as conscious bliss.

FOOD: is of nature material composed of innumerable combinations of compounds of fire, air, water, and earth units, for the building up of the four systems and the upkeep of the body.

FORM: is the idea, type, pattern or design which guides and shapes and sets bounds to life as growth; and form holds and fashions structure into visibility as appearance.

FREEDOM: is the state or condition of the desire-and-feeling of the doer when it has detached itself from nature and remains unattached. Freedom does not mean that one may say or do what he pleases, wherever he is. Freedom is: to be and will and do and have without attachment to any object or thing of the four senses; and, to continue to be, to will, to do, and to have, without being attached, by thinking, to what one is or wills or does or has. That means that you are not attached in thought to any object or thing of nature, and that you will not attach yourself while thinking. Attachment means bondage.

FUNCTION: is the course of action intended for a person or thing, and which is performed by choice, or by necessity.

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