Definitions G

GAMBLING: is an obsession of one by the gambling spirit, or the exciting chronic desire to get, to win money or something of value by "luck," by "betting," by games of "chance," instead of earning it by honest work.

GENIUS, A: is one who shows originality and ability which distinguish him from others in the fields of his endeavor. His gifts are inherent. They were not acquired by study in the present life. They were acquired by much thought and effort in many of his past lives and are brought over with him as the result from that past. The distinguishing characteristics of genius are originality concerning ideas, method, and the direct way of expressing his genius. He does not depend on the teaching of any school; he devises new methods and uses any of his three minds in expressing his feeling-and-desire according to the senses. He is in touch with the sum of his memories of his past in the field of his genius.

GERM, THE LUNAR: is produced by the generative system and is necessary for the procreation of a human body, to be the residence for a re-existing doer. It is called lunar because its travel through the body is similar to the phases of the waxing and waning moon, and it has a relation to the moon. It starts from the pituitary body and continues its downward path along the nerves of the esophagus and digestive tract, then, if not lost, ascends along the spine to the head. On its downward path it gathers Light which was sent out to nature, and which is returned by nature in food taken into the digestive system, and it gathers Light from the blood which has been reclaimed by self-control.

GERM, THE SOLAR: is a portion of the doer that at puberty is in the pituitary body and has some clear Light. For six months it descends, like the sun, on the southern path, on the right side of the spinal cord; then it turns, at the first lumbar vertebra, and ascends on the left side on its northern course for six months until it reaches the pineal body. On its southern and northern journeying it patrols the spinal cord, the path of eternal life. The lunar germ is strengthened each time it passes the solar germ.

GLAMOUR: is a state in which one is being fascinated with an object or thing by a spell, which the senses cast on his feeling-and-desire, and which holds him captive, and so prevents him from seeing through the glamour, and from understanding that thing as it is in fact.

GLOOM: is a psychic state, for the brooding over unsatisfied feelings and desires. In it one may create an atmosphere of gloom which will attract thoughts of morbidness and discomfort, which may lead to acts of harm to oneself and others. The cure for gloom is self-determined thought and right action.

GOD, A: is a thought being, created by the thoughts of human beings as the representative of the greatness of what they feel or fear; as what any one would or might like to be, to will, and to do.

GOVERNMENT, SELF-: Self, oneself, is the sum of the feelings and desires of the conscious doer who is within the human body and who is the operator of the body. Government is authority, administration and method by which a body or state is ruled. Self-government means that one's feelings and desires which are or may be inclined, through preferences, prejudices or passions to disrupt the body, will be restrained and guided and governed by one's own better feelings and desires which think and act with rightness and reason, as the standards of authority from within, instead of being controlled by the likes and dislikes concerning the objects of the senses, which are the authorities from outside the body.

GRACE: is loving kindness in behalf of others, and ease of thought and feeling expressed in conscious relation to form and action.

GREATNESS: is in the degree of one's independence with responsibility and knowledge in his relation and dealing with others.

GREED: is the insatiable desire to get, to have, and to hold whatever is desired.

GROUND, COMMON: is used here to mean a place or body on or in which two or more meet for mutual interests. The earth is the meeting ground for the doers in human bodies to act together for their common interests. The human body is the common ground for the action between the doer and the units of the
elements of nature which pass through it. So also the earth surface is the common ground on which the thoughts of all people on earth are exteriorized as the plants and animals which grow on and inhabit the earth, and which are the exteriorizations into forms of desires and feelings of human beings.

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