Definitions I

"I" AS IDENTITY, THE FALSE: is the feeling of the presence of the real identity of the I-ness of one's knower. I-ness is the self-conscious selfsame identity of the knower, changeless and without beginning or end in the Eternal. Thinking with the body-mind and feeling the presence of its real identity, deludes the doer into the belief that it is one and the same with the body and the senses.

IDEAL: is the conception of what is best for one to think, to be, to do, or to have.

IDENTITY, ONE'S: is the feeling of identity in one's body, one's own feeling as being the same now as what one was in the past, and the same feeling to be in the future. One's feeling of identity is necessary and certain in the doer through the body, because of its inseparability from the identity of the knower of one's Triune Self.

I-NESS: is the incorporeal, undying, and continuously unchanging identity of the Triune Self in the Eternal; not embodied, but whose presence enables feeling in the human body to think and feel and speak of itself as "I" and to be conscious of the unchanging identity throughout the constantly changing life of its corporeal body.

IGNORANCE: is mental darkness, the state in which the doer-in-the-body is, without knowledge of itself and of its rightness and reason. The emotions and passions of its feeling and desire have eclipsed its thinker and knower. Without the Conscious Light from them it is in darkness. It cannot distinguish itself from the senses and the body it is in.

ILLUSION: The mistaking of fancy or appearance for reality, as a mirage to be a place or scene which it depicts, or a distant post to be a man; anything which deceives the senses and causes a mistake in judgment.

IMAGINATION: is the state in which the thinking of feeling-and-desire gives form to matter.

IMAGINATION, NATURE-: is the spontaneous and uncontrolled play of present sense impressions with memories; the combining or merging of pictures made on the breath-form by the senses with memories of similar impressions, and which combination represents the realities of the physical plane. These forceful
impressions compel, and may forestall reasoning.

INCUBUS: is an invisible male form seeking to obsess or to have sexual relation with a woman during sleep. Incubi are of two kinds, and there are varieties of each kind. The most common is the sexual incubus, the other is the incubus that tries to obsess the woman, as in what is called a nightmare, which horrible dream may be largely due to indigestion or some physiological disturbance. The kind of incubus will depend on the habits of thought and mode of action of the sleeper during her waking life. The form of an incubus, if it were visualized, would vary from that of an angel or a god, to a devil or a spider or a boar.

INSTINCT IN THE ANIMAL: is the driving power from the human which is in that animal. Light from the human, bound up with the desire, is that which guides or leads the animal in its actions, according to the four senses of nature.

INTELLIGENCE: is that by which all Intelligences are related and which distinguishes and relates and establishes relation of all beings to each other who are conscious of being conscious; and, by which they, as and in their different degrees in being conscious, impress, distinguish and relate all units or masses of units in their relation to each other.

INTELLIGENCE, AN: is of the highest order of units in the Universe, relating the Triune Self of man with the Supreme Intelligence through its self-conscious Light, with which it endows man and so enables him to think.

INTELLIGENCE, FACULTIES OF AN: There are seven: the light and I-am faculties which govern the sphere of fire; the time and motive faculties governing the sphere of air; the image and dark faculties in the sphere of water; and the focus faculty in the sphere of earth. Each faculty has its own particular function and power and purpose and is inseparably interrelated with the others. The light faculty sends light to the worlds by means of its Triune Self; the time faculty is that which causes the regulation and changes in nature units in their relation to each other. The image faculty impresses the idea of form on matter. The focus faculty centers other faculties on the subject to which it is directed. The dark faculty resists or gives strength to the other faculties. The motive faculty gives purpose and direction to thought. The I-am faculty is the real Self of the Intelligence. The focus faculty is the only one which comes into contact with the body through the doer in the body.

INTELLIGENCE, THE SUPREME: is the limit and ultimate degree that an intelligent unit can advance to in being conscious as a unit. The Supreme Intelligence represents and comprehends all other Intelligences in the spheres. It is not the ruler of other Intelligences, because Intelligences know all law; they are law and each Intelligence rules itself and thinks and acts in accord with universal law. But the Supreme Intelligence has in its charge and supervision all the spheres and worlds and knows the gods and beings throughout universal nature.

INTUITION: is the teaching, tuition from within; it is direct knowledge which comes through reason to the doer. It is not concerned with trade or affairs of the senses, but with moral questions or philosophical subjects, and is rare. If the doer could open communication with its knower, it could then have knowledge on any subject.

ISTENCE: is the feeling-and-desire of the doer, conscious of the reality of itself in itself, as itself; not as existence, not in existence, but in its aloneness resulting from its intentional disattachment of itself from the illusions of nature.

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