Definitions K

KARMA: is the results of the actions and reactions of mind and desire.

KNOWER, THE: is that of the Triune Self which has and is actual and real knowledge, of and in time and the Eternal.

KNOWLEDGE IS OF TWO KINDS: real or Self-knowledge and sense- or human knowledge. Self knowledge of the Triune Self is inexhaustible and immeasurable and is common to the knowers of all Triune Selves. It is not dependent on the senses though it includes all that has taken place in the worlds; this concerns everything from the least developed unit of nature to the all-knowing Triune Self of the worlds throughout the entirety of time in the Eternal. It is the real and unchanging knowledge at once available in the minutest detail and as one perfectly related and complete whole. Sense-knowledge, science, or human knowledge, is the accumulated and systematized sum of the facts of nature observed as natural laws, or experienced by the doers through their undeveloped senses and imperfect bodies. And the knowledge and statements of the laws have to be changed from time to time.

KNOWLEDGE OF THE DOER: is the essence of the doer's learning by thinking. The Light freed from its attachments and restored to the noetic atmosphere, in the balancing of its thoughts, is unattached and unattachable, and therefore knowledge; it is not human "knowledge".

KNOWLEDGE OF THE THINKER OF THE TRIUNE SELF: includes all knowledge concerning the administration of law and justice to its doer, and in the doer's relation to other doers in human bodies, through their thinkers. All thinkers know the law. They are always in agreement with each other and with their knowers in the administering of destiny to their respective doers in human bodies. Their knowledge of law and justice precludes doubt and prevents the possibility of favoritism. The doer in every human body gets its destiny as it makes it. That is, law and justice.

KNOWLEDGE OF THE KNOWER OF THE TRIUNE SELF, SELF-KNOWLEDGE: comprises and embraces everything in the four worlds. As selfness it is knowledge, and as I-ness it identifies and is the identity of the knowledge. It served its apprenticeship to nature as a nature unit. There it was conscious as its function successively in every part of the nature machine of time. When it became a Triune Self in the Selfknowing Light of its Intelligence in the Eternal, every function as which it was successively conscious in time is at once available, unlimited by time, in the Eternal. The I-ness of the knower identifies each function and is
the identity as which the unit was conscious, and the selfness of the knower knows and is the knowledge of each such function separately, as in time, and all together compositely in the Eternal. This knowledge is conveyed to the thinker by the minds of I-ness and selfness, and may be available to the doer as conscience in rightness, and as intuition in reason.

KNOWLEDGE, NOETIC (THE WORLD OF KNOWLEDGE): is composed of the noetic atmospheres of all the knowers of Triune Selves. There all the knowledge of every Triune Self is available and at the service of every other knower.

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