Definitions L

LAW: is a prescription for performance, made by the thoughts and acts of its maker or makers, and to which those who have subscribed are bound.

LAW OF NATURE, A: is the action or function of a unit which is conscious as its function only.

LAW OF THOUGHT, THE: is that every thing on the physical plane is the exteriorization of a thought which must be balanced by the one who generated it, according to his responsibility and at the conjunction of time, condition and place.

LAW OF THOUGHT, DESTINY. AGENTS OF THE: Each human is an agent for good or for wickedness by his purpose in life and by what he thinks and what he does. By what he thinks and does, one fits himself or herself to be used by others. People cannot be used or coerced to act against their inner motives, except as they have fitted themselves by their thoughts and acts. Then they are influenced to act or yield by other humans, especially when they have no definite purpose in life. Those who have a purpose are also instruments, because, whatever the purpose, it will fit in for good or for evil with The Government of the world by the conscious agents of the law.

LEARNING: is the essence of experience extracted from the experience by thinking, so that the Light can be freed and that experience need not be repeated. Learning is of two kinds: sense-learning as experience, experiment, observation, and the recording of these as memories concerning nature; and, doer-learning as the result of the thinking of itself as feeling-and-desire and of their relation. The details of memory learning may last through the life of the body but will be lost after death. What the doer learns about itself as being distinct from the body will not be lost; that will thereafter be with the doer through its lives on earth as its inherent knowledge.

LIAR, A: is one who tells as true what he knows to be not so, untrue.

LIBERTY: is immunity from imprisonment or slavery, and the right of one to do as one pleases, as long as one does not interfere with another's equal right and choice.

LIFE: is a unit of growth, the carrier of light through form. Life acts as agent between the above and the below, bringing the fine into the gross and reconstructing and transforming the gross into refinement. In every seed there is a unit of life. In man it is the breath-form.

LIFE (TO ONE'S CRITICAL UNDERSTANDING): is more or less of a nightmare, an apparently real but uncertain series of sudden or long drawn out, more or less vivid and intense happenings-a phantasmagoria.

LIGHT: is that which makes things visible, but which cannot itself be seen. It is composed of the units of starlight or sunlight or moonlight or earthlight, or of the combination or condensation and expression of these as electricity or as the combustion of gases, fluids or solids.

LIGHT, ATTACHABLE AND UNATTACHABLE: is the Conscious Light of the Intelligence loaned to the Triune Self, which the doer-in-the-body uses in its thinking. The attachable light is that which the doer sends into nature by its thoughts and acts, and reclaims and uses again and again. The unattachable Light is that which the doer has reclaimed and made unattachable, because it has balanced the thoughts in which the Light was. Light that is made unattachable is restored to one's noetic atmosphere and is available to that one as knowledge.

LIGHT, CONSCIOUS: is the Light which the Triune Self receives from its Intelligence. It is not nature nor reflected by nature, though, when it is sent into nature and associates with nature units, nature seems to manifest intelligence, and it may be called the God in nature. When, by thinking, the Conscious Light is
turned and held on any thing, it shows that thing to be as it is. The Conscious Light is therefore Truth, because Truth shows things to be as they are, without preference or prejudice, without disguise or pretense. All things are made known by it when it is turned and held on them. But the Conscious Light is fogged and
obscured by thoughts when feeling-and-desire try to think, so the human being sees things as it wants to see them, or in a modified degree of Truth.

LIGHT IN THE DOER, POTENTIAL: When one performs duties uncomplainingly, ungrudgingly and with pleasure because they are his duties, and not because he will profit or gain or get rid of them, he is balancing his thoughts which made those duties his duties, and the Light that he frees when the thoughts are
balanced gives him a new sense of the joy of freedom. It gives him an insight into things and subjects he had not understood before. As he continues to free the Light he had kept bound in the things he craved and wanted, he begins to feel and understand the potential Light that is in him and which will be actual Conscious Light when he becomes an Intelligence.

LIGHT OF NATURE: is the reaction as shine, sparkle, brightness or glitter of combinations of nature units, to the Conscious Light sent into nature by the doers in human bodies.

LINK UNIT, A CELL-: catches and holds transient units of solid matter, and by which it is connected with other cells in the organ or part of the body to which it belongs.

LINK UNIT, A FORM-: catches and holds transient units of fluid matter, and is connected with the cell-link and life-link units of its cell.

LINK UNIT, A LIFE-: catches and holds transient units of airy matter, and is the link by which life is connected with the form-link and breath-link units of its cell.

LINK UNIT, A BREATH-: catches and holds transient units of radiant matter, and is the link by which the breath is connected with the life-link unit of its cell.

"LOST SOUL", A: What is called a "lost soul" is not the "soul" but is a portion of the doer part, and it is not permanently, but only temporarily, lost or cut off from its re-existences and the other portions of the doer. This happens when, in one of two cases, a doer portion has through long periods of time persisted in extreme selfishness and used the Light loaned to it in deliberate fraud, murder, ruin, or cruelty to others and has become an enemy to mankind. Then the Light is withdrawn and the doer portion ceases to re-exist; it retires into chambers of the earth crust in self-torment until it has exhausted itself, and may thereafter reappear on earth. The second case is when a doer portion has wasted the Light through self-indulgence in pleasure, gluttony, drinks and drugs, and eventually becomes an incurable idiot. Then that doer portion goes to a chamber in the earth. There it remains until it can be allowed to continue its re-existences. In both cases, the retirement is for the safety of others, as well as its own.

LOVE: Is Conscious Sameness through the worlds; to the doer in the human, it is the feeling-and-desire of and as another in and as oneself and the desire-and-feeling of oneself in and as the other.

LOVE IN THE DOER: is the state of balanced union and interaction between feeling-and-desire, in which each feels and desires itself to be and is itself in and as the other.

LYING AND DISHONESTY: The desire to be dishonest and to lie are a special pair of evils; they go together. He who chooses to be dishonest and to lie is one who after long experiences through lives has failed to see things as they are and has misinterpreted what he has observed. He has more particularly seen the worst sides of people and has convinced himself that all men are liars and are dishonest, and that those who are usually believed to be honest and truthful are only clever enough to cover up their dishonesty and to conceal their lies. This conclusion breeds hatred and revenge and self-interest; and that one becomes an enemy to humanity, as an outright criminal or as a shrewd and careful plotter against others for his own advantage. However great a curse to the world that one may become, his thoughts as his destiny will eventually reveal him to the world and to himself. He will in time learn that honesty and truthfulness in thought and action show the way to Self-knowledge.

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