Definitions R

REALITY, A: is a unit as it is, unattached, the thing itself; that which one senses or is conscious of, in the state or on the plane on which it is, without consideration of or relation to anything other than that.

REALITY, RELATIVE: the continuity of facts or things and their relation to each other, in the state and on the plane on which they are observed.

REALITY, ULTIMATE: Consciousness, changeless and absolute; the Presence of Consciousness in and through each and every nature unit and Triune Self and Intelligence throughout time and space in the Eternal, during the entirety of the continuity of its constant progress through ever higher degrees in being conscious until it is one with and as Consciousness.

REALM OF PERMANENCE, THE: pervades the phantasmagoria of this human world of birth and death, like as sunlight pervades the air we breathe. But the mortal sees and understands the Realm no more than we see or understand the sunlight. The reason is that the senses and perceptions are unbalanced, and not attuned to things that time and death cannot affect. But the Realm of Permanence bears up and preserves the human lworld from utter destruction, as sunlight does the life and growth of living things. The conscious doer in the body will understand and perceive the Realm of Permanence as he understands and distinguishes himself from the changing body in which he desires and feels and thinks. REASON: is the analyzer, regulator and judge; the administrator of justice as the action of knowledge according to the law of rightness. It is the answer of questions and problems, the beginning and the end of thinking, and the guide to knowledge.

RE-EXISTENCE: is the doer portion leaving the other portions of itself, in istence, to re-exist away from itself, in nature, when the animal human body has been prepared and made ready for it to enter and take a life residence in that body. The animal body is made ready by training it to make use of its senses, to walk, and to repeat the words which it is trained to use. That it does, like a parrot, while it is still animal. It becomes human as soon as it is intelligent, as shown by questions that it asks, and what it understands.

REGENERATION: is the reversal of generation, procreation of body. This means: the germ cells in the body are used not to bring another body into the world but to change and give a new and higher order of life to the body. This is done by rebuilding the body from an incomplete male or female body into a complete and
perfect sexless physical body, which is accomplished by not entertaining thoughts of sex or thinking about sexual acts; and by the persistent mental attitude to regenerate one's own body to the original perfect state from which it came.

RELATION: is the origin and sequence in ultimate unity by which all nature units and intelligent units and Intelligences are related in Conscious Sameness.

RELIGION: is the tie of one or all four of the elements of nature, as of fire or air or water or earth, through the body senses of sight, hearing, taste, or smell, that holds or binds the conscious doer in the body back to nature. This is done in thoughts and acts by worship and by burnt offerings and songs and sprinklings or immersions in water and by incense to one or more gods of the elements of fire, air, water, or earth.

RESPONSIBILITY: depends on the capacity to know right from wrong; it is the dependence and trust that can be placed in one to do all that he in the past and present has made, or will in the future make, himself responsible for. Responsibility involves honesty and truthfulness, honor and trustworthiness and such other characteristics as constitute a strong and fearless character, whose word is more reliable than is a legal contract.

RESURRECTION: has a twofold meaning. The first is the gathering together of the four senses and the compositors of the body of the past life, which were distributed into nature after its death, and the rebuilding by the breath-form of a new fleshly body to serve as the residence of the doer on its return to earth life. The second and real meaning is that the doer in the man or woman body regenerates the sexual body from the imperfect man or woman body that is, to a body where the essentials of the two sexes are merged into one perfect physical body and restored, resurrected, to its former and original and immortal state of perfection.

REVENGE: is a hungering desire to inflict injury on another in retaliation and as punishment for real or imagined wrongs suffered, and to satisfy one's desire for vengeance.

RHYTHM: is the character and meaning of thought expressed through the measure or movement in sound or form, or by written signs or words.

RIGHT: is the sum of knowledge of which one is conscious, as his rule of action from within.

RIGHTNESS: is the standard of thinking and action, as the law prescribed and the rule of conduct, for the doer of feeling-and-desire in the body. It is located in the heart. SADNESS: is the depression of feeling by passive thinking.

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