Definitions V

VANITY: is the unseen and unappreciated emptiness of all the objects or positions and possessions which are desired in the world, as compared with the Realm of Permanence; it is not understanding the uselessness of striving for the enjoyment of popularity, and excitement and appearance of situations, when their evanescence is compared with the power of will in the practice of honesty and truthfulness.

VICES, CLOAKS OF: here so called, are wicked and depraved desires of a doer in human life which, in its after-death states cause suffering while the doer is trying to separate from them. The base desires as a cloak of vices also suffer, because they have no means of indulgence without a human body. Therefore they often seek the atmosphere of a human who has like desires and who is willing or becomes a victim to the urge to drunkenness or crime.

VIRTUE: is power, strength of will, in the practice of honesty and truthfulness.

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