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WILL, FREE: Will is the dominant desire, of the moment, of a period, or of the life. It dominates its opposing desires and may dominate the desires of others. Desire is the conscious power within, which may bring about changes in itself or which changes other things. No desire in the human is free, because it is attached or attaches itself to objects of the senses when thinking. One desire may control or be controlled by another desire, but no desire can change another desire or be compelled to change itself. No power other than its own can change it. A desire may be subdued, crushed, and made subordinate, but it cannot be made to change itself unless it chooses and wills to change. It is free to choose whether it will or will not change itself. This power to choose whether it will remain attached to this or that thing, or whether it will let go of the thing and be unattached, is its point of freedom, the point of freedom that every desire is and has. It may extend its point to an area of freedom by willing to be, to do, or to have, without attaching itself to what it wills to be, to do, or to have. When the will thinks without being attached to what it thinks, it is free, and has freedom. In freedom, it can be or do or have what it wills to be or do or have, as long as it remains unattached. Free will is to be unattached, unattachment.

WISDOM: is the right use of knowledge.

WORK: is mental or bodily activity, the means and the manner by which purpose is accomplished.

WORLD, NOETIC: is not a world of nature-matter; it is the intelligent realm or knowledge of the Realm of Permanence, a oneness composed of the noetic atmospheres of all Triune Selves and of the laws which govern nature. It is the unchanging eternal knowledge concerning all Triune Selves and concerning the
entirety of the past, present and what has been determined as future of the four worlds of the earth sphere. The ever accumulating and changing knowledge of the senses in the human world by experiencing and experimenting cannot add to the world of knowledge. These are like products of summer and winter, which
come and go. The world of knowledge is the sum of the knowledge of all Triune Selves, and the knowledge of all is available to each Triune Self.

WRONG: is that thought or act which is a departure from what one is conscious of as right.

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