Fig II-G Eternal Order of Progression

This figure symbolizes the Eternal Order of Progression of a unit: as a nature unit, on the nature-side, within the sphere of earth, through the light world, the life world, the form world to the permanent physical world or Realm of Permanence; to the degree of breathform; then by way of the aia point or neutral line, as an aia unit, to the degree of a Triune Self unit, on the intelligent-side.


The oblique line of arrows leading to the point of balance downward indicates the line of progression of the unintelligent units to the Realm of Permanence; the line leading from the point of balance upward on the intelligent-side indicates the line of progression of intelligent units.

The symbol also shows the line of descent into the temporal human world of birth and death and re-existence, by the doers that failed in the trial test of bringing their feeling-and-desire into balanced union

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