Fig V-B-a The Perfect Physical Body


its-light-being in the light world
its life-being in the life world
its form being in the form world

THE PERFECT PHYSICAL BODY for these three beings in the Realm of Permanence


The physical world may be considered from two viewpoints:

1) as the Realm of Permanence where doers progress that have passed the trial test of bringing their feeling-and-desire into balanced union; and,

2) the temporal human physical world, (Fig. V-B), where the doers that fail in that test continue to re-exist until they regenerate their bodies and restore them to the realm of Permanence.

The physical bodies of the Triune Selves complete are in the Realm of Permanence.

Through their perfect sexless physical bodies these Triune Selves govern the four worlds; and, through the Triune Selves of human beings they govern the temporal human world and administrate by their thoughts and acts.

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