Man Woman Child Part VIII

The Perfect Sexless
Immortal Physical Body
hat does the immortal physical body of a Triune Self look like? WSuch a body in The Realm of Permanence is the ever-present and complete
embodiment of permanent knowledge and conscious power in transcendent beauty. In
looking at a perfect sexless physical body, no sexual thought would be supposed or
considered by man or by woman. But no human being could see a Triune Self as it is in The
Realm of Permanence. Were a Triune Self to appear to a mortal in the human world, its
appearance would be what that Triune Self knew that it should be: appropriate to the
occasion, and not otherwise.
The body of a Triune Self is the personalized physical expression of the Identity and
Knowledge, the Rightness and Reason, and the Beauty and Power of that Triune Self.
In this human physical world anyone may stand in the sunlight and feel its warmth;
but no sensible person would try to look at the face of the sun in order to paint its features
and show the light as it shines upon and illumines the earth.
To get an idea of the appearance of the body of a complete Triune Self in The Realm
of Permanence, or "Kingdom of God," one should understand that only one portion of the
Doer part of its Triune Self is in the male or female body; whereas the perfect physical body
of the Triune Self has all of twelve portions of the Doer perfectly related and balanced in
inseparable union and, therefore, is neither male nor female. The perfections of all the
twelve portions are composed in the balanced expression of beauty and power.
But let it be supposed that a man or a woman could and were to look on such a
perfect body! What then? Then the man would think of it as a being so divinely beautiful
and of such superior excellence as to be loved in reverence and to be contemplated as the
Godhead. And a woman would look upon it as a being so great and so supremely powerful
as to be loved in worshipful adoration and by the giving of herself in service and obedience
to its least request or command. For a mortal to look on a perfect physical body in The
Realm of Permanence would evoke love in both man and woman. To be in such a body
would mean the blending and amalgamation of desire-feeling and feeling-desire into, or as,
one being of supernal beauty and conscious power. Then its body is the perfect physical
expression of the conscious self. Men and women must understand that if they would know
what the perfect physical body of a Triune Self looks like in The Realm of Permanence,
they must comprehend how omniscience and omnipotence and omnipresence are
expressed in a sexless physical body. That is what the immortal physical body of a Triune
Self looks like in perfect poise.
In looking at such a body, each human being would see expressed its own inherent
hope, its longings, its yearnings, its true and pent-up deep-seated heart's desire, fully and
completely expressed in that perfect body-as the pattern or model it itself is to be when it
has performed its duty to itself, to its Thinker and Knower, and to nature.
The human body is built up and composed of cells: unbalanced cells which are
arranged and maintained according to four systems-the digestive, circulatory, respiratory,
and generative systems. The food or structure of the body is of the unbalanced units of
earth, water, air and light, which are in continuous circulations of the human world. The
circulations are kept up by the breath in its breathing. By its breathing in and breathing out,
the breath is the maintenance of the unbalanced cells, the life and the death of the body. The
first intake of the breath at birth, and the last outgo at death, mark the beginning and the end
of the corporeal human body.
Birth makes sexual intercourse necessary, and birth is the penalty for the male and
female bodies of unbalanced cells. Death of the body is the penalty of the incorporeal
conscious self for not balancing its feeling-desire and restoring itself and its body to
consciously immortal life in The Realm of Permanence.
When the Doer returns to The Realm of Permanence in its then perfect and
immortal body, the Doer will be in conscious at-one-ment with its Thinker and Knower.
Then the Doer will have achieved victory over death. The immortal body will not need the
gross, unbalanced foods of the human world. The immortal body will breathe the balanced
units of The Eternal Order of Progression. The body will then have been regenerated and
reconstituted to its original form, having four "brains"-the cranial, thoracic, abdominal, and
pelvic brains. Then it will breathe the balanced, transient units, conscious only as their
functions as laws of nature through the worlds, as explained in the book Thinking and
The perfect body here spoken of is complete. Nothing can be added to it; nothing
can be taken from it; it cannot be improved; it is a body sufficient in itself.
The original form of that perfect body is graven on the breath-form of each human
being, and the preparation for its rebuilding will begin when the human being stops
thinking of or letting the thought of sex enter, or in any way stimulate the desire for sex
which leads to the act of sex. This is so, because such thinking causes the breath-form to
change the germ cells of the body to become male or female sex cells. The age of the body
has little to do with the matter. So long as the human will continue the practice of
uninterrupted deep lung breathing, and feel where the breath goes, and think to understand
where the feeling with the breathing goes, that one can reconstitute and transform the male
or female body into a perfect sexless and immortal physical body.
As one or more human beings understand and begin to bring about these
transformations in themselves, other human beings will surely follow. Then this world of
birth and death will gradually change from the delusions and illusions produced by the
body-mind and the senses. Human beings will become more and more conscious of the
Realities within and beyond. The conscious Doers in their bodies will then understand and
perceive The Realm of Permanence as they conceive and understand themselves in the
changing bodies in which they are.

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