Man Woman Child - Part X

Victory Over Sin and Death
hy should man and woman continue their practices of sexuality-attended by
premature debility and hastening death-when they can begin a period of
enlightened living, ultimately leading one to be self-consciously immortal in Wdeathless and glorious physical bodies?
The way begins in darkness and continues through trouble and struggle and trial;
but, by the Conscious Light within, the way eventually opens into and as Conscious Bliss in
The Eternal.
Webster states that "Sin is the transgression of the law of God, iniquity," and that
"Death is the cessation of all vital functions without capability of resuscitation."
It is said in Scripture that Adam and Eve committed the first and original sin by
transgression of the first law of God, which was, that they should not have sexual union,
because they would thereafter surely die; and that as desire-feeling they could not again live
as a man and a woman together in one body. After that they would re-exist as desire-feeling
in a male body, or as feeling-desire in a female body.
Let it be understood that every man or woman was aforetime an Adam and Eve in
the Realm of Eden. And that because of their "sin" they were expelled from the interior of
the earth onto its outer surface-and they died. Their bodies died because sin, as sexuality, is
surely and necessarily followed by death. But, as the desire-feeling in man, or as feelingdesire
in woman, they cannot die.
Each man or woman now on earth was in the beginning, as the Bible cryptically
states, an Adam in the Garden of Eden. That means, as stated in this book, that the present
human body was "in the beginning" a sexless body. The "Doer," the psychic part of each
one's Triune Self, as feeling-desire, could not be "balanced" in the sexless Adam body
because it needed a male body and a female body to serve as two scales as balances and so to
have free exercise of its feeling-mind and desire-mind in thinking of each other. The bodymind
therefore acted as the trial-test by its thinking of their bodies only. The body-mind
could not think otherwise than of their bodies.
The putting of Adam to sleep and taking "a rib" from which Eve was made, signifies
the period during which there was the separation of the sexless Adam into the male Adam
body and the female Eve body. The "rib" was taken from a then front- or nature-spinal
column, of which the sternum is the vestigial remains, and which in the perfect body, was
called the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, descending to and connecting with what
is now called the pubic bone.
Of this front-spinal column, or the "tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil," the
"Lord God," according to the Bible, said: "… thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou
eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." (Genesis 2, v. 17)
The Bible story of Adam and Eve is a mystery, an enigma; it is cryptic, puzzling, and
seems to be inscrutable. But if it is read with the above as a key, the story makes sense and
loses its inscrutability. It is a mystery given to mankind which every man or woman must
eventually and individually solve.
Every man and every woman is the individual lock and key to the mystery-the lock
being the physical body of man or woman, and the key, the individual conscious self of
desire-feeling in the man, and that of feeling-desire in the woman.
The mystery will be solved by man and by woman when the individual conscious
self of desire-feeling understands and finds itself in the man body, or that of feeling-desire
finds itself in the woman body; and at the same time the active-passive units of the male
body and the passive-active units of the female body will be equilibrated and balanced.
Thus, each conscious self is to regenerate and transform and resurrect its male or female
body of sexuality and death into a perfect sexless and immortal physical body, and so to
redeem and restore it to its Lord God, its Father in Heaven: that is, a complete Knower-
Thinker-Doer-The Triune Self in the Realm of Permanence. That is the story from Adam to
Jesus, and of the coming of "The Kingdom of God." That is the destiny for each and every
human being.

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