Man Woman Child - Part XII

Devotional Exercises
hose who may desire to improve themselves along the lines here indicated will find
the following exercises helpful, in addition to what is shown about "breathing" in
the chapter on "REGENERATION: Breathing and the Living Soul." These Trepetitions should be practiced regularly, at certain times, or at any time of the day:
First thing in the morning, and last thing at night:
Ever-present Consciousness! I thank Thee for Thy Presence with me this past night
(or day). I ardently desire to be conscious of Thy Presence through this day (or night) and
through all time. My will is to do all that I should do to become conscious of Thee and
ultimately be at one with Thee.
My Judge and Knower! Guide me in all I think and do! Give me Thy Light, and the
Light of Thy Knower! Let me be always conscious of Thee, that I may do all my duty and be
consciously at one with Thee.
The following formula is for moral improvement and for conduct in business:
In all that I think;
In all that I do,
My senses;
Be honest! Be true!
As an example of a formula to have physical well-being, the following may be
Every atom in my body, thrill with life to make me well. Every molecule within me,
carry health from cell to cell. Cells and organs in all systems build for lasting
strength and youth, Work in harmony together by the Conscious Light, as Truth.
On retiring at night one may review the occurrences of the day. Judge each action
according to rightness and reason concerning everything that has been done or said.
Approve what has been right and condemn what has been wrong. State what should have
been done, and determine to act correctly in the future. Conscience will be your guide. Then
let one feel a gentle warmth and good cheer throughout the body. Charge the breath-form to
guard the body throughout the night, and to awake if any undesirable influence should
In order that the body may be brought into coordination with nature and under
control of one's thinking, let one understand that there is a constant magnetic-electric action
throughout the earth, and that one's feet are directly affected by this action. Let one assume
a comfortable posture, either standing or sitting. Feel in each big toe a pulsing or throbbing.
Then without moving let the throbbing be felt in the next toe and the next, until all five toes
in both feet are felt to throb simultaneously. Then let the current be felt flowing upward
through the instep, then the ankles, then up the legs, and steadily to the knees and along the
thighs, then up into the pelvis, and then let the current of feeling be felt along the spine,
between the shoulders, the neck, and through the opening of the skull into the brain. When
the brain is reached, there should in time be felt a current of life, like a fountain, flowing
back and stimulating the body. This will result in a harmonious feeling of good will. This
can be practiced morning and evening, or at any time or place, but morning and evening are
the best.

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