Man Woman Child - Part XIII

The Story of Every Human Being
he story is brief. It is as brief as the history of the universe told in the first chapter of
Genesis. The Bible story is like the headlines of a newspaper story-without the
story. It is high time that the essence of the story, which was not told in the Bible, be Tknown: that is, that each human being on earth was in the distant past a sexless Adam, in
"Eden." Adam's sexless body was divided into a man body and a woman body, the twain
Adam and Eve. Later, because of the "sin," the sexual act, they were expelled from Eden,
and they came from the interior of the earth through the "Cave of Treasures" onto the outer
surface of the earth. It is necessary that men and women should know of their origin, in
order that the conscious selves in their human bodies can learn of and find the way back to
Eden, The Realm of Permanence.
To appreciate the meaning of the story, let it be understood that in the Bible the term
"God" means the intelligent incorporeal unit, here called the Triune Self, as Knower-
Thinker-Doer; that "Eden" means The Realm of Permanence; and that "Adam" means the
original pure, corporeal, sexless physical body which was the first temple of man.
In the Bible it is said: "And the Lord God (Thinker-Knower of the Triune Self)
formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and
man became a living soul." (See: Genesis 2, v. 7). That is to say, the incorporeal Thinker-
Knower of the Triune Self "breathed" its Doer part, as desire-feeling, into the pure,
corporeal, sexless Adam body, composed of balanced units, which was formed "of the dust
of the ground," that is, of the units of physical matter. Then the Bible story tells that God
took a "rib" from the Adam body, which "rib" by extension from Adam became an Eve
body. And the Adam body was a man body and the Eve body was a woman body.
Let it be understood that "God" or the "Triune Self" is incorporeal; and that "Adam"
or "Adam and Eve" were composed of the "dust of the ground," which is of the unintelligent
units of nature. Therefore it should be plain that the unbalancing of the balanced units of the
Adam body into the Adam body and the Eve body could not affect the one-ness of "God,"
the Triune Self unit. The Triune Self is a unit of three parts-an individual trinity. Therefore,
the feeling part of the Doer was not actually cut off from the desire part of the Doer when it
was, so to say, extended into the Eve body. As long as the Doer of the Triune Self thought of
itself as desire-feeling, it was and could not be other than its desire-feeling part. But when it
allowed itself to think under control of its body-mind, it was hypnotized and deluded and
identified itself with the unbalanced Adam and Eve bodies instead of with its Triune Self.
Then from the desire-feeling in the Adam body went its feeling into the Eve body, and the
desire in the Adam made of Adam a man body, and the feeling in Eve made of Eve a woman
Then the Thinker-Knower (Lord God) of the Triune Self said to its Doer part, as
desire in Adam and as feeling in Eve in words like as of the Bible: "You are one Doer as
desire-feeling in your twain bodies. You are to rule and govern your bodies as two
apparently distinct, but nevertheless inseparable bodies which are to be as one body-just as
each pair of hands acts for its body. Do not let your divided body serve as the means of
beguiling you into believing that you are not one Doer acting for one body, else your
divided body cannot re-unite as one inseparable desire-feeling within one undivided body.
"Your bodies are your Adam and Eve garden in which I have placed you for a while
to live in the land of Eden. You, as desire-feeling, are to be my Word, and as such you are to
create and give life and form to all creatures through the air, in the waters, and on the land.
Do as you will with anything in your garden (bodies). What you do in the bodies which are
your garden, even so shall it be through the land of Eden; for you are to be the keeper and the
gardener in the land of Eden.
"In the center of your garden bodies is the Tree of Life in your Adam body; and the
Tree of Good and Evil is in your Eve body. You, desire in Adam, and you, feeling in Eve,
must not for your own pleasure partake of the Tree of Good and Evil, else you will leave the
land of Eden and your bodies must thereafter die."
Then the Thinker-Knower (Lord God) of the Triune Self said to its Doer part,
desire-feeling in the Adam and Eve bodies: "Your original undivided Adam body was
formed on two spinal columns, which are as two trees; the front column tree and the back
tree or column. The lower part of the front column, below what is now the sternum, was
taken from the Adam two-columned body to make the Eve body. The front column, the
nature Tree of Good and Evil, is for the forms of all living things which are, or which may
be. The back column, the Tree of Life, is for Eternal Life in Eden, when you, the Doer as
desire-feeling, will then be inseparably joined. To be inseparably joined, it was necessary
that your sexless Adam body be temporarily divided into an active-passive Adam body and
a passive-active Eve body, as male and female, so that the bodies could serve as scales in
which your active desire and your passive feeling could be weighed and adjusted in
balanced union. When you are balanced you will not be active-passive or passive-activeyou
will be joined in perfectly balanced equilibrium, and will be the model and pattern for
nature. The balancing is to be done by your right thinking in union, that is, by the thinking of
desire in your male Adam body and the thinking of feeling in your female Eve body,
balanced in right relation to each other as one; and your twain bodies are the scales for the
balancing. The right thinking for the balancing is for you, desire-feeling, while in your
Adam and Eve bodies, to think in unison as being indivisible desire-feeling, irrespective of
the divided physical body. The wrong way of thinking is for you, as desire-feeling, to think
of yourself as two beings, as a desire-man-body, and as a feeling-woman-body, to be
sexually related to each other."
Then the Thinker-Knower (Lord God) of the Triune Self said to its Doer, desirefeeling
(the Word): "You have a desire-mind and a feeling-mind and a body-mind. You with
your desire-mind and feeling-mind are to think together as of one mind, and independently
of your body-mind. Your body-mind is to be used by you for the control of nature, equally
balanced through the four senses. If you think together as one governing desire-feeling,
your body-mind can have no power over you. Your body-mind will then be your obedient
servant, for your control of nature by its thinking through the senses. But if you harken to
the body-mind, which can think only through the senses for nature, then you will be selfhypnotized
and will partake of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; you will be guilty
of the thought of sex, and, later, of the act of sex, sin, the penalty of which is death."
Then the Thinker-Knower (Lord God) withdrew, so that its Doer, as desire-feeling
in the Adam and Eve bodies, could be tested and weighed in the two bodies which served as
scales, for the balancing of nature by the body-mind, and so to determine whether desirefeeling
would control the body-mind and the senses, or whether the body-mind and senses
would control desire-feeling.
Notwithstanding this warning, the thinking of the body-mind through the senses
caused desire in the man body of Adam to look at and to think of its feeling, expressed
through the woman body as Eve; and caused feeling in the Eve body to look at and to think
of its desire, expressed through the man body of Adam. While desire-feeling thought as
itself, without considering the relation to its bodies, each was the other in and as itself,
undivided; but while desire-feeling looked at and thought of the man and woman bodies,
the body-mind caused desire-feeling to think of itself as of two sexual bodies.
In many-those that subsequently became human beings-thinking of the body-mind
through the senses prevailed over the thinking of desire-feeling as itself. The thinking of
desire-feeling was thus deceived, deluded and separated by the sexes of the bodies. Then
desire-feeling was conscious of guilt, of wrong, and was conscience-stricken. As desire and
feeling they lost clear sight, and their hearing was dulled.
Then the Thinker-Knower (Lord God) of the Triune Self spoke to its Doer, desirefeeling,
through the hearts of Adam and Eve, and said: "O, my Doer! I made known to you
as rightful Governor of yourself and of your body that as desire-feeling it was your duty
while in the Adam and Eve bodies to qualify as Governor in the land of Eden by thinking of
the one-ness of desire-feeling in union, as yourself. By so thinking and doing you would be
the tried and proven true Governor of yourself and would have reunited the Adam and Eve
twain bodies as a balanced and immortal perfect physical body to be one of the governors in
the Realm of Eden. But you have submitted yourself in thinking to be guided and controlled
by the body-mind for nature through the senses, as man and as woman. Thereby you have
put yourself in bondage and servitude to unbalanced nature, to leave the Realm of Eden and
to be in the human world of life and death; to pass through and suffer death, and again and
again to live and to die, until you learn and at last do what you should at first have done.
Then the penalty of your sin will have been expiated; you will have atoned, redeemed
yourself from sexual life as sin, and thereby abolished death.
“O, my Doer! I will not forsake you. Though you are a part of me, I cannot do for
you what you alone must do and be responsible for as yourself, as my Doer. I will guide and
guard you in so far as you will that I should guide you. I told you that which you should do,
and that which you should not do. You are to choose what you will do, and then do that; and
to know what you should not do, and not do that. In the human world you must abide the
consequences of your choice made in Eden. You must learn to be responsible for your own
thoughts and acts. As Doer of desire-feeling, your desire lives in the Adam body and your
feeling lives in the Eve body. When your bodies die in the man and woman world, you will
not again live in two separate bodies at the same time. You will be together in a man body or
in a woman body. As desire-feeling you will enter and live in a male body, or as feelingdesire
in a female body. You have made yourself the servant of your body-mind. Your bodymind
cannot think of you or for you, as desire-feeling or as feeling-desire, as you really are;
your body-mind can think of you only as a man body or as a woman body of unbalanced
sexual nature. As desire-feeling in a man body, your desire will be expressed and your
feeling will be suppressed. In a woman body your feeling will be expressed and your desire
will be suppressed. Therefore in a man body your suppressed feeling will seek union with
its feeling side which is expressed in the body of a woman. In a woman body your
suppressed desire side will seek union with the desire expressed in the body of a man. But
never can you have union of yourself as feeling-desire by sexual union of bodies. Union of
bodies tantalizes and tortures and prevents desire-feeling from union with and in itself,
within the one body in which it then is. The only way by which union can be brought about
and realized will be for you as Doer to think together as of one mind in the man body or the
woman body in which you then are-to be not as one and the other, but to think only as one.
Eventually, when you in some one life, as desire-feeling in a man or as feeling-desire in a
woman, refuse to think of sex and will think as one only, by so thinking the body will be
regenerated and transformed to become and be a perfect sexless physical body in which
you, as desire-feeling, will return to Eden and be again consciously at one with me (Lord
God), Knower-Thinker-Doer, as one Triune Self complete, in The Realm of Permanence."
To repeat: The foregoing is an adaptation of Biblical language to describe in a
similar manner events that took ages of earth time to transpire.
Here follows the talk of God with Adam and Eve after their departure from Eden, as
recorded in "The Forgotten Books of Eden," as evidence of the truth of the admonition of
God to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, recorded in the Bible (King James' version);
and the additional evidence, in corroboration and furtherance of the colloquy between God
and Adam and Eve.
“The Forgotten Books of Eden and The Lost Books of the Bible" are published in
one volume by The World Publishing Company of Cleveland and New York. They gave
permission to THE WORD Publishing Company of New York for the extracts published in
the book Thinking and Destiny which are in part here repeated.

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