02 An Intellligence The Triune Self

It is important to understand the distinction between an Intelligence and a Triune Self, (Fig. V-C).

  • The Intelligence lends its Conscious Light to its Triune Self.
  • Without the Conscious Light, the Triune Self has no means of thinking.
  • Though the Triune Self is conscious of itself as the doer, the thinker, and the knower, it cannot relate, coordinate, work or use these parts without the Light.
  • The Light of the Intelligence is merely loaned to the Triune Self and never becomes a part of it.
  • The Light is that which relates and, so to speak, links the Intelligence which is in the spheres, with the Triune Self which is in the worlds.
  • The Light is potential in the Triune Self; it will become actual when the Triune Self becomes an Intelligence.

Ordinarily, when the senses receive impressions from nature, feeling-and-desire of the doer-in-the-body merely respond to the impressions without thinking.

  • But when feeling-and-desire as the doer thinks, the feelings and desires will be guided and raised and refined according to the thinking done.
  • Then thinking with the body-mind will be done for the advancement of nature; thinking with the feeling-mind, for the development of beauty in character and form; thinking with the desire-mind for the discipline and exercise of power.
  • The term "mind" will be used as that with which thinking is done.
  • The doer as feeling-and-desire uses the body-mind and may use the feeling-mind and the desire-mind.
  • The thinker as rightness-and-reason uses the mind of rightness and the mind of reason; and the knower as I-ness-and-selfness uses the mind of I-ness and the mind of selfness.

It is to be remembered that by mental destiny is meant the mental destiny of the portion of the doer that has entered into the human, not destiny of the thinker or knower;

  • by mental operations is meant that they are mental performances of that portion of the doer which is in the body;
  • by mental set, by attitude of mind, and by actions of the mind is meant that they are of the doer in so far as it is in the human being;
  • by a thought is meant the result of the action of mind and desire;
  • by Selfknowledge is meant knowledge of the Triune Self. Knowledge of the Intelligence is so far beyond ordinary humanity that it is useless to speculate about it.
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