04 The Three Orders Of Intelligences

These three orders of Intelligences and the complete Triune Selves are those who order and direct the operations in universal nature.

  • Their thinking contacts the form world and the physical world through their Triune Selves and is sufficient to compel elementals to carry out the law under their directions.
  • Both the machinery of nature and the operators of it are elementals, units or masses of units of the elements.
  • The Intelligences direct certain of the nature gods, the upper elementals, which control the lower elementals.
  • The Intelligences, with the assistance of their Triune Selves, carry out the purpose of the physical world by thus controlling the elementals, called the forces of nature and the material universe.
  • This range of visible and invisible activity includes the powers ascribed to God in many religions.
  • In these three orders the difference between the Intelligences is correspondingly as great as the difference in development of human beings.
  • A Knower is in the sphere of fire, a Thinker works in the sphere of air and a Desirer works in the spheres of water and of earth.
  • Besides superintending collectively the plan of operating physical nature, each of these Intelligences has its related Triune Self in charge, which it had raised from the state of aia.
  • The Intelligences have the double aspect of being the Light in the Triune Self, and of being the directors with their Triune Selves, of the forces of outer nature to produce physical results as exteriorizations of thoughts.

The Light of the Intelligence, in the Triune Self, is conscious as Light.

  • In the noetic atmosphere the Light is clear, self-luminous and self-conscious;
  • in the mental atmosphere it is also clear;
  • but in that portion of the mental atmosphere which is in the psychic atmosphere of the human, it is diffused, obscured, dimmed.
  • Desires for objects interact there with this diffused Light.
  • There are no limitations to the Light.
  • It can go through everything in nature and can make known to the searcher everything for which he searches.
  • The power of the Light is available to the human to the degree that he can hold the Light steady on the subject of his thinking.
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