05 Real Thinking

There are two kinds of thinking, real thinking and human thinking, and human thinking is either passive or active.

  • Human thinking is concerned with physical things almost exclusively.
  • In human thinking the subjects of thought are usually objects of the senses, and the thinking is of sexual, elemental, emotional and intellectual subjects, all directly connected with or indirectly originating from physical things.
  • Human beings do not want to think about things as they are; they are attached to the results of their thinking.
  • The thinking done by human beings differs as to amount, quality and aim and so divides them into four classes.

Real thinking is the steady holding of the Conscious Light of the Intelligence on the subject of the thinking.

  • It is intentional, is self-moved and not moved by nature.
  • It is done only with clear Light of the Intelligence, which reason by its mind focusses on the subject.
  • The thinking must be steady, else it cannot form a channel by or through which the Light is conducted.
  • The thinking of the knower is the conductor along which the Light comes from the noetic atmosphere.

Real thinking stills the perturbations and pains in the body, stops breathing and makes known the subject to which it is directed.

  • It shows the reality and the illusions connected with the subject of thinking.
  • It is used to administer justice or to give knowledge.
  • Such thinking does not result in a thought, unless the thinker wishes to create one.
  • Then he conceives the thought and carries it from its conception to its completion.
  • Some few men have had thoughts which were the results of real thinking.
  • The pre-existent ideas of Plato, the thought of The Way to eternal life in St. Paul's teaching, and the thought of Union in the pre-Brahminical portion of the Bhagavad-Gita are real thoughts.
  • Those who conceived and gave birth to these thoughts did real thinking at the time those thoughts were created.
  • At times real thoughts might have been created, but instead thoughts have been born into the world undeveloped, malformed monstrosities.
  • Among them are the modern thoughts of the Superman and Monopoly.

Real thoughts have an existence independent of those who created them.

  • Real thoughts make no destiny for their creators, because the creators of real thoughts are not selfishly interested in the results which will flow from them;
  • They show a true way; no one is bound by them; they lead the thinker from bondage to freedom.

Human thinking is quite different from real thinking, because it is not done with the clear but with diffused Light;

  • because usually only the body-mind is active; because its mental operations do not work together, being perturbed by the influence of various and often opposite desires; and especially because a human is attached to the object of his thinking and the result of his thought.
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