09 A Human Thought Is A Being And Has A System

Human thoughts when issued are beings, not merely things.

  • They are points having a potential system which gives them certain inherent qualities and power.
  • They are centers of force and take on matter of the four worlds.
  • They have no form that can be seen clairvoyantly
  • The system is bestowed upon the thought by the Light of the Intelligence and by desire from the doer.
  • The Light is representative of the seven faculties of the Intelligence, and desire stands for the three parts of the Triune Self.
  • The system receives from the doer through the breath-form a potential form;
  • then nature furnishes to the germ of physical matter that is in the thought, the material to make it actual on the physical plane.
  • This potential form is the object to which the thought is directed, a house, a fight, a pair of shoes, an essay, a legislative bill, or a prayer to God for success or relief.

Thoughts have great potential power and the ability to last for ages, because thoughts are born in the light world under the Light of an Intelligence.

  • Because of the power in thoughts the whole material world with all its acts, objects and events exists and is maintained and changed.

A thought is a fourfold being and has in it four potential systems.

  • Only that in the thought becomes actual which has to do with the purpose for which the thought was issued.

A human thought is not an independent being;

  • it is dependent upon the one that issued it, or on a foster parent, that is, another human who entertained and nourished it.
  • A thought has to be supplied with Light and with power to keep it going, and it has the right to come for such Light, power and sustenance to the parent or to the one who becomes responsible for it.

A thought can be revoked, dissipated or changed before it becomes exteriorized, but once it has been exteriorized it continues until it is balanced.

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