13 Moral Aspect Of Thinking

The moral aspect of the thinking is much more important than the intellectual gifts.

  • Morals here mean the right relation of the doer, feeling-and-desire, to the thinker, rightness-and-reason.
  • Mental destiny, therefore, depends primarily on feelingand-desire; their thinking is done to satisfy them.
  • Morals are so much more important in making the mental atmosphere than are the intellectual endowments, because the intellectual endowments are made to serve them and depend upon them.

Mental endowments are of value in making a mental atmosphere, but the moral background of the mental atmosphere is more important, as mental attitude.

  • This is so because although most of the thinking done during the day relates to work or trade or a profession and does not seem to have much to do with morals, yet what is done in trade or a profession is based on the moral condition of the mental atmosphere made by feeling-and-desire.

The morality of the mental atmosphere is a predisposition to think or to refuse to think along certain lines.

  • Thinking limits or expands the moral tendencies, and embellishes or enlarges them and makes new channels for fuller expression, as urged by desire.
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