14 The Ruling Thought

Present in the mental atmosphere of every human is a ruling thought, a thought which dominates that part of the mental atmosphere which has to do with the present life.

  • This thought came into existence at the end of the previous life.

The cycles of all thoughts of a life run together at the time of death and from these thoughts the ruling thought of the next life is formed.

  • It is this thought which is the destiny already decided as inclinations, and it manifests at various periods throughout the life.
  • It colors much of the thinking in the present life and gives tone to the atmosphere.
  • It causes eddies, whirls and currents in or modifies and calms the mental atmosphere of a human.
  • It helps to determine the mental attitude or general outlook on life and so helps to determine the manner in which one views other people and the world.

Mental destiny for the present life is not a remote aspect of the mental atmosphere, it is not the outcome of thoughts that are in a remote zone.

  • Mental destiny relates to that part of the atmosphere in which the thinker contacts the heart and lungs, and that part is usually that in which the ruling thought moves.
  • It influences his thinking, it brings up subjects of thought, it leads him to a junction of time, condition and place where a part of a thought can be exteriorized as an act, an object or an event.

A man's mental attitudes and mental sets are the ways in which the doer thinks on any subject and the way thinking deals with it

  • One's mental attitude is his outlook on life.
  • A mental attitude is the background for a mental set.
  • His mental set is what a man has set himself to do.
  • The mental set of a money maker is to turn specific things into dollars; in a similar way a painter or an inventor obeys his mental set in pursuing his work.
  • A mental attitude is often determined by love, bigotry and similar sentiments.
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