15 Mental Attitude And Mental Set

One's mental attitude and mental set toward any subject are a part of his mental destiny.

  • They are brought about by his past thinking and by his past thoughts relating to his experiences and understanding.
  • They nurse his moods and predispositions which are similar to the attitudes.
  • They encourage thinking on subjects similar to themselves.
  • They harbor and nourish thoughts of a nature similar to their own.
  • They react on the mental atmosphere and largely make his disposition sour or sweet, grasping or generous, morbid or cheerful.
  • They are a challenge to the people he meets.

By one's mental attitude he affects his mental destiny directly; he precipitates or postpones events.*

  • His attitude summons thoughts of like nature and hastens their development towards exteriorization.
  • His own thoughts as well as the thoughts of others with whom he comes in contact are so affected.
  • Thus he may hasten the exteriorization of a thought and bring about an injury or a profit to himself at a time when it would not otherwise have occurred.
  • In this way one's mental attitude precipitates his own destiny, some of it long overdue, some not yet due.
  • The precipitations are of two kinds, those which one recognizes as duties and those which befall one as events, expected or unexpected, pleasant or unpleasant.

A person has a certain leeway to bring out or hold off his own destiny.

  • He does either by his mental attitude.
  • An attitude of willingness to perform one's duty will allow destiny to come in its natural order, without postponement or hastening.
  • An attitude of unwillingness to do or suffer may delay destiny, though at length the disturbance caused thereby will result in such pressure by elemental entities that events will break through the resistance and rush in.
  • An attitude of fear may precipitate destiny; it may anticipate and project what would otherwise not have happened then.
  • One's mental attitude is not only an important part of his present mental destiny, but it is potent in making future mental destiny because it prepares for the conception or entertainment of thoughts.
  • It is the condition in which they are conceived or gestated.
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