19 Result Of Honest Thinking

From honesty in thinking come truthfulness, simplicity, sincerity, justice,rectitude.

There comes a condition of the mental atmosphere in which virtues flourish and virtuous thoughts are conceived or entertained. These thoughts are then projected in speech and acts which show simplicity, sincerity and righteousness.

When a man thinks such thoughts and intends such acts, he will not only so conduct himself, but there will come with such virtuous conduct, the qualities of fearlessness, calmness and strength.

He will not even contemplate any act concerning which he could not speak truthfully and act with sincerity.

In this way once he has, by reason of the reversed circuit from rightness to feeling, the mental set towards thinking honestly, he will reinforce his virtues and lead
a righteous life. His mental atmosphere will be honest. Troubles may swarm around and difficulties confront him, but whatever may come to pass, he will not be

Dishonesty is not a negative quality; it is as positive and active as honesty.

Dishonesty in thinking is thinking about things as they are not, and dealing with them in thought contrary to the way in which one sees, that is, in which rightness approves they should be dealt with.

The test of what things are not is what rightness shows concerning them.

Dishonest thinking is thinking against the way the thing is seen tobe; it is thinking what is known to be false.

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