01 Knowledge of the conscious self in the body

The noetic destiny of the majority of human beings is the condition of the noetic atmosphere of the human, (Fig. V-B).

That condition includes the amount of knowledge of the conscious self in the body available to the human, the much or little of the Light of the Intelligence present, the quality of that Light as attachable to objects of nature and the consequences of all this to the human.

Human beings think of destiny as physical only, yet their noetic destiny dominates the other three kinds.

Noetic destiny may not seem as obvious as mental destiny.

  • It manifests through physical destiny chiefly as the generative power and the use to which it is put;
  • through psychic destiny as the ability or inability to control one's passions and desires;
  • and through mental destiny as the power or lack of power to do real thinking.

It can be seen in physical things because human beings let the Light of the Intelligence go into nature through the action of the four senses and through the generative power;

  • and the physical results are the only indications that they are able to notice.
  • Noetic destiny in the present stage of human beings appears chiefly as their troubles, their afflictions, their diseases, though the immediate cause of all these is the psychic part of the Triune Self, the doer, and the thoughts which it generates.
  • Noetic destiny is a background in the noetic atmosphere rather than an active force.

When there are enough people who think along these lines, their thoughts will be exteriorized in words according to the genius of the language, and a vocabulary will be made. In the meantime, terms are here used which can be taken in a sense approximating the unknown things named, such as the Triune Self, its noetic atmosphere, the knower as the noetic part of the Triune Self, the noetic breath, the noetic world and the Light of the Intelligence.

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