02. The Noetic World

Knowledge, which is the permanent result as accomplishment in the noetic atmosphere coming from the thinking of the human, is stored in the noetic atmosphere of the human.

It depends upon thinking and cannot come without it. Thinking that brings knowledge into the noetic atmosphere and strengthens the powers of that atmosphere is such thinking as that on the origin, nature and destiny of feeling-anddesire as the doer, and on its relation to the Triune Self and to other doers.

But thinking selfishness, greed, lust, meanness, hypocrisy, lying, dishonesty and ingratitude, creates thoughts which lead away from the knowledge stored. Be the doer's knowledge much or little, it is acquired only through thinking with the mind that it uses and so must be reached through the mental atmosphere. It cannot be gotten through actions, feelings, emotions, ecstasy or trances.

Knowledge of the conscious self in the body can come only as the result of active thinking.

  • This knowledge is of the intelligent-side of the Universe and is stored in the noetic world.
  • This world is in but is not of the light world, which belongs to the nature-side.
  • In the light world the beings are all, from the highest to the lowest, devoid of intelligence, except for what they get from human doers.

On the intelligent-side there are no worlds in the sense of the worlds of nature-matter. On the intelligent-side are Triune Selves. The term noetic world is figurative like scientific or literary world.

The noetic world is a world of knowledge and is a name for the common part of the noetic atmospheres of the knowers of the Triune Selves in the earth sphere.

  • The human beings of these Triune Selves are different from each other.
  • But there is a part of the noetic atmosphere of each Triune Self that it has in common with all other Triune Selves.

There is a one-ness among Triune Selves.

  • That common part is here called the noetic world or world of knowledge.
  • It has an identity and unity in the Great Triune Self of the world.
  • The Great Triune Self of the world is the Triune Self of the Supreme Intelligence and has to it a relation similar to that which exists between a Triune Self and its Intelligence.

The noetic world is the storehouse of the knowledge of all Triune Selves in the earth sphere and this knowledge is available to every Triune Self.

  • In the noetic world is the knowledge of everything concerned with the earth sphere, the earth crusts that have been and the present earth crust;
  • with their matter, the forces that act through them; with the units of the elements in the earth sphere and the laws by which they work.
  • It also contains knowledge of gods, elemental beings and races, past and present, of the continents and races of the physical earth, its fauna,flora and structure, past and present;
  • of the make-up of the exterior and interior sides of the earth crust;
  • of how the stars and other bodies beyond the physical earth are produced, continued and changed;
  • of the nature of sun and moon and their functions and of times and their measurements. All this is knowledge of nature-matter.

Moreover the knowledge of the origins and nature of all Triune Selves, the manner of their progress and their final destiny and the relation that the Light of the Intelligences has to their Triune Selves and to the earth sphere, is contained in the noetic world.

There is no noetic destiny in the noetic world. In that world, therefore, is the treasure of knowledge of all that is or touches the matter, forces and beings in the four worlds of the earth sphere.

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