04 conscious self knowledge is available to the human

An aspect of noetic destiny is the amount of Light of the Intelligence present in the noetic atmosphere and available to the human.

  • An Intelligence lends to its Triune Self a certain amount of Light, so that the doer may use it to educate itself and to go through the experiences necessary to acquire knowledge of the conscious self in the body.
  • At times the Intelligence loans more Light, at times it withdraws Light, according to the use which the human makes of the Light loaned to him.
  • As the human acquires knowledge of the conscious self in the body he receives more Light.

The noetic atmosphere shows by a record how much Light has been received, how much has gone out into nature, how much the Intelligence has withdrawn, how much remains in the atmosphere, what has been done with the Light that went into nature and where in nature that Light is.

The record in the noetic atmosphere of the human is noetic destiny.

  • The condition of the noetic atmosphere is the record.
  • It shows itself in the mental atmosphere, in the psychic atmosphere and in the physical body.

Another aspect of noetic destiny is the quality of the Light in the noetic atmosphere. The Light when in the noetic atmosphere is not attached to objects of nature but is attachable or non-attachable.

  • The attachable Light will go out into nature.
  • The Light which is unattachable is Light that has gone out many times and has at last been made unattachable so that it can never again be bound to desire and sent into nature.
  • It is Light that has been freed by the action of desire with rightness and reason, freed from desire by desire.
  • The atmosphere shows to what uses the Light has been put in the doer itself and in nature and how it has been made unattachable.

There is in the noetic atmosphere of the average human little Light that has been made unattachable. This shows itself in the actions of men, who go through the same experiences over and over again, without learning anything, without changing their positions as body doers, without the desire to free themselves from nature, without the desire to look into the Light.

Noetic destiny is recondite. It is not visible as is physical destiny, nor manifest as is mental destiny, but there are physical facts which are immediately and above all others connected with noetic destiny and are therefore indications of it.

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