05 The Test & Trial of the Sexes

The scarcity of Light in the noetic atmospheres of human beings is because of happenings, long years ago, when the doers now in human bodies were in perfect bodies and were conscious as doer parts of Triune Selves, in the Realm of Permanence.

  • For each Triune Self to be qualified to be one of The Government, and to govern the world of time and the destinies of the nations of human beings, it was necessary for its doer part to take and pass through the trial test of the sexes for balanced union of feeling-and-desire.
  • The test was that the doer should temporarily divide its sexless body into a male body and a female body;
  • that the desire of the doer be in the male body and the feeling be in the female body;
  • that the feeling-and-desire minds should think in unison, and be uninfluenced by the body-mind, which could function only as or for the body senses and would try to make the desire and feeling of the doer see itself as in two bodies instead of as the active and passive aspects of the doer.
  • As a doer passed the test, the temporary male and female bodies merged and were again the perfect body, but were now permanently balanced in one permanently sexless body;
  • and the desire-and-feeling were inseparably welded in balanced union, by the body-mind being subject to the desire-and-feeling minds thinking in union.

Each of the doers now in human bodies failed to pass that test.

  • Their body-minds influenced the desire-and-feeling minds to think of themselves as bodies until these consorted.
  • Then the Conscious Light was withdrawn by their thinkers and knowers and they were in the darkness of the body senses, and were afraid.
  • They left the Realm of Permanence; they could not see it;
  • they found themselves in the human world of time, among male and female bodies, subject to death and re-existence.

When the bodies died the doer, feeling-and-desire, could not re-exist in a male and a female body at the same time;

  • it re-existed in a male body with its feeling dominated by desire, or in a female body where desire was dominated by feeling, there being only one aia and one breath-form.
  • The doer could no longer think of itself as desireand-feeling.
  • It was controlled by the body-mind and the body-mind compelled it to think of itself in the terms and the functions of the sexes, either as a man or as a woman.
  • Here the doers in human bodies must continue to re-exist in bodies until they think of themselves as doers of immortal Triune Selves, and work their way onward to the Realm of Permanence by being conscious of themselves as doers of their Triune Selves and by regenerating their bodies and restoring them to their perfect state in the Realm of Permanence.

The temporary separation,for the test mentioned, of the doer's perfect body into a male body and a female body was effected by a projection in solid, tangible matter by a transfusion of matter from the perfect physical body of the doer.

  • Into this projected body came the feeling of the doer, and the desire portion was in what had been the perfect physical body, which had become a male body.
  • So there were two bodies connected with each other by a magnetic tie, which served as a bridge connecting the two bodies.
  • The desire in the man body and the feeling in the woman body did not at first think and act as two, as being different and separated from each other.
  • Each saw itself in the other, as though in a looking glass.
  • They felt and acted as one, just as there is reciprocal action in one's hands in whatever one does.
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