06 Projection of a female form

The projection of the female form and the transfusion of matter from the perfect physical body of the doer into that form, can be illustrated in two ways.

First, by a temporary materialization during a spiritistic performance, and, second, by the gestation of a fetus and the birth of the baby.

  • In the first case, there is an exuding or issuing of an astral or radiant form from the physical body of the medium and, the development of that form into a transient physical, fleshly body.
  • In this case, where the astral had extended from the medium as the exterior transient body of the materialization, there is a magnetic tie connecting the medium's body with the body materialized into physical form.
  • The tie acts as a bridge and is similar to the umbilical cord for the transmission of the material or life force from the body of the medium to the body of the materialization.
  • In the second case, during placental development, where a human body is being prepared, the transfusion is from the mother directly into the fetus;
  • the umbilical cord is as the magnetic tie;
  • at birth the cord and the placenta are cast off, independent circulation in the baby is established by its own breath, and individual existence begins.
  • These two examples may suffice to illustrate how the transfusion of life matter from one body to another can be conducted and maintained for a given period.

In the case of a medium the transfusion is usually the projection of a human form and the transfusion of living particles into that form to give it solidity, and illustrates after a fashion how the female body was extended from the perfect body and built up and the two bodies were connected by the magnetic tie; and the disappearance of the materialized form at a seance shows how the projected female form was reabsorbed into the original perfect body.

  • That would have happened with every doer if, after its sexless body had been altered into a male and a female body, they had not consorted.
  • The feeling-and-desire in those bodies would have been adjusted and balanced in perfect union, and the two bodies would have reunited as the one sexless perfect body.
  • But, by consorting, they severed the magnetic tie.
  • Then the sexual organs formed the tie or bridge between the man and woman bodies.

When the psychic tie was broken and the physical tie was made, the bodies were subject to death.

  • Thereafter new bodies could be built only by the physical bridge or sexual tie.
  • Since then the desireand-feeling in a man body and the feeling-and-desire in a woman body seek union of their man and woman bodies, instead of each doer regenerating and having balanced union of feeling-and-desire in its own regenerated physical body.

With those of the doers that passed the test, the projected female body was reabsorbed into the original body, the two bodies were thus reunited as the one perfected, sexless, two-columned body, and the feeling and the desire of the doer were in permanently balanced union in that body.

  • The Triune Self thereby became a complete Triune Self, which took its place in The Government of the world as an administrator of the destinies of the nations.
  • Some of the doers that failed in the test were of the later third, and are now on the fourth, the present earth, but most of them came out to the crust during the fourth earth.
  • They re-exist again and again as human beings, until their feeling-and-desire shall have attained to balanced union in a regenerated, perfected physical body.
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