08 The light of the Intelligence

The Triune Self receives Light from the Intelligence to which it is related;

  • that Light comes from the light faculty of the Intelligence into the noetic atmosphere of the Triune Self.
  • The Light is not a part of the Triune Self and never becomes a part of it.
  • It is loaned to the Triune Self so that by the use of it the Triune Self may become an Intelligence.
  • The Light is a Conscious Light; it is conscious that it is Light, and is conscious as Light.
  • The Light, that which is with the Intelligence and that which is loaned to the Triune Self, is one.
  • The Light is indivisible, though it appears to be divided.
  • If the doer sends it into nature the Light is still one, no matter into how many different beings and things it has gone, or where it is, or in how weak a being it is, or how much it is obscured by the matter of nature.
  • The Light of an Intelligence is the same Light irrespective of the forms in which it is.
  • It seems to be confined in them, but it really is not.

The reality in the Triune Self above all else, except Consciousness, is the Light.

  • The Light lets things be seen as they are, shows what should be done by the beings in whom it is, leads them to be conscious in further degrees and shows them the power to change, without itself being changed.
  • It bears, as long as it is with the doer, the evidence of the uses to which it has been put by the doer.
  • The fact that the Light is there causes these various processes to go on.
  • The Light does not act, but it keeps beings in action by stimulating the active principle in them.
  • It does not act nor does it suffer nor does it react.
  • Its presence is the cause of all things spoken of as light.

Starlight, sunlight, moonlight and earthlight are various functionings of matter made active by the Light of the Intelligences sent by the doers of their Triune Selves into nature.

  • Human beings do not know the Light as such.

The doer is in the sphere of its Intelligence and receives a certain amount of Light from it.

  • This is the amount the doer should have in order to acquire its education through its human beings.
  • The amount is at times increased or decreased, depending on the thinking of the doers of the human beings, and is the outstanding feature of their noetic destiny.
  • The Light so loaned may be sent by the doer into nature and become attached to nature units to which the doer by its thinking ties the Light.
  • In nature the Light is attached to units, that is, the Light is bound up and blended with them and so remains until the doer draws it back.

The Light allows nature to unfold in every field and it evokes the latent sides and forces in the units.

  • The presence of the Light makes the latent energy of nature active.
  • In nature the Light sent out through doers is the intelligence often called God, who is supposed to have created the world and to carry it on.

The doer is responsible for the Light it has sent into nature and must redeem it.

  • Redeemed Light goes out again and again until it becomes unattachable to nature.
  • Then it remains in the noetic atmosphere, is of the noetic world and is beyond and free from noetic destiny.
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