09 The Light in the knower of the Triune Self

The Light is clear in all of the noetic atmosphere that does not penetrate the mental and psychic atmospheres of the human.

  • The Light is taken into the noetic atmosphere by the noetic breath, and makes the atmosphere conscious in the degree of I-ness-and-selfness.
  • The matter of the noetic atmosphere has the characteristic that it tends to oneness.
  • This matter is conscious in various phases of I-ness-and-selfness and is potentially that out of which will be developed the light faculty and the I-am faculty, when the Triune Self becomes an Intelligence.
  • In the atmosphere flows the noetic breath which is the active side of a part of the atmosphere and connects the remaining part with the knower.

The knower has two aspects, passively I-ness and actively selfness.

  • From I-ness comes the identity of the Triune Self which in the human is manifest as the feeling that it is the same today as through all past years, notwithstanding the changes in the body.
  • Selfness is knowledge.
  • The knower of the Triune Self is conscious in the highest phases of the degree of I-ness-and-selfness;
  • the breath and the matter of the atmosphere are conscious in lower phases.

In the noetic atmosphere there is neither place nor time.

  • The matter is everywhere at once. The Light is throughout, in the atmosphere, in the breath, and in the knower.
  • The Light quickens and brings out what is potentially in the atmosphere.
  • That which is in the atmosphere has no direct or special bearing upon the noetic destiny of the human.

That which is noetic destiny of a human is Light which is in the part of the noetic that is in the mental atmosphere of the human, (Fig. V-B);

  • also Light that is tied up in the physical body and Light in nature which will be called on by the human.
  • Though Light comes in the first instance from the Intelligence, some Light comes back into the noetic atmosphere from nature when it is reclaimed and some from the mental atmosphere when a thought is balanced and so the Light in it is freed, and some when knowledge of the conscious self in the body results from thinking without creating a thought.
  • There is a circulation of part of the Light from the noetic into the mental atmosphere, thence by means of thought into nature and thence back from food and thought into the mental and thence into the noetic atmosphere.
  • Light is sent by the knower into the mental atmosphere with the noetic breath.
  • Iness sends Light to be used in thinking, reason checks the amount that is allowed to go.
  • Selfness sends Light to rightness when conscience speaks, and to reason as an intuition.
  • The Light that I-ness sends becomes diffused in the mental atmosphere.
  • The Light that selfness sends remains clear and direct.
  • The noetic breath conveys some of the Light to the mental atmosphere, which receives it through its mental breath.

When the Light is in the matter of the mental atmosphere of the human it is diffused, modified, dimmed, dulled. The Light itself is always the same and has lost none of its character, but it appears in the mental atmosphere as though it were in a fog. This is caused by the matter of the mental atmosphere. In the lower part of this atmosphere, which is the part the human uses to think with and in which the thoughts connected with his thinking circulate and whirl, the Light is most fogged and clouded.

Whereas the Light itself, being of Intelligence and being Truth, shows in the noetic atmosphere everything as the thing is, the Light in the mental atmosphere must be freed from obstacles and interference, and must be held steadily on the subject and brought to a focus, before the Light as Truth can show what the thing is. The Light in its clear state in the noetic atmosphere cannot thence be sent into physical nature.

The Light in the mental atmosphere is in a state where it can be mixed with desire and so may be sent into physical nature in that portion of a thought which is exteriorized.

The presence of the Light diffused in the mental atmosphere stimulates the matter of the atmosphere and keeps the mental breath in circulation, and the Light circulates with it and allows reason to act through its thinking. The Light in rightness is not the light of the mental atmosphere, but is clear Light that is sent in flashes from the noetic atmosphere by selfness.

No Light is in the psychic atmosphere, but there is Light in those parts of the mental and noetic atmospheres which are in it. The matter of the atmosphere is conscious in the degree of feeling-and-desire. The matter is usually dark, heavy, gross and sluggish. The psychic atmosphere pulls on and weighs down the mental and, in a lesser degree, the noetic atmosphere of the human by those parts of them which pervade it. The Light therefore is dimmed in those parts. The noetic destiny is the absence of the Light from the psychic atmosphere, from feeling-and-desire and from
the psychic breath.

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