10 The Light in the thinker in the doer

The chief characteristic of the psychic atmosphere is a feeling for and the desiring and rushing after something it longs for, yet fears.

  • That something is the Light of the Intelligence and contact with the thinker and the knower.
  • The atmosphere is not conscious of the Light.
  • It is never quiet, but when impressions from nature, elementals or desires of other doers enter through the avenues leading from the openings of the body, it is stirred into turmoil.
  • It pulls and it pushes, it sucks in like a whirlpool and it tries to get into everything.
  • It surges in these ways during eating, amusement,dancing, celebrations, sermons, funerals and all trading.
  • The atmosphere is conscious of these, its activities, but is not conscious of why it has them.
  • It has them to get Light, the Light it once had, but which was withdrawn.

The psychic atmosphere is represented in the feeling and the desire of the doer.

  • If feeling and desire could get the Light into the atmosphere the doer would not desire to change its present condition, it would continue to seek satisfaction from nature, it would have a greater intensity of satisfaction because of the Light, and it would not advance and so it would retard the progress of the doer.
  • Because the doer has no Light it is in the dark, it cannot tell one thing from another, cannot form a judgment, but can only feel and desire.
  • When things are pleasant it tries to hold them and get more of them; when they are unpleasant it tries to get away from them.
  • Not having discrimination it does this over and over again.

The feeling or the desire is so evident in the human that it seems to be all there is.

  • The doer occupies not only certain nerves of the voluntary nervous system, but also some which belong to the thinker and the knower.
  • No noetic reactions may be felt, and mental reactions are felt but vaguely.
  • If the thinker and the knower are noticed at all, they are interpreted as feeling and desire.
  • On the other hand psychic conditions, mystic trance states and visions are supposed to be what is spoken of as "spiritual".

When a human suffers he usually seeks consolation and hope in religious promises, rather than an understanding of the facts.

  • In the psychic atmosphere feeling and desire act without the Light.
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