11 The Light that has gone into nature

Because feeling-and-desire came into being through Light and had their greatest satisfaction while Light was with them, and because they can reach completeness only when they are in the Light, they want Light.

  • The place where they can get it is in the mental atmosphere in the heart and principally in the lungs.
  • Feeling cannot get beyond the heart, but desire can, and feeling gets satisfaction from desire.
  • When the psychic atmosphere and the doer become agitated, desire rushes towards the mental atmosphere in the lungs to get Light.
  • It cannot get into the atmosphere until it has passed rightness in the heart. Then it is in the mental atmosphere in the lungs.

Desire cannot get that Light until it compels its mind to think, to gather and to focus the Light on the impression; the Light bonds the desire with the impression.

  • The thing which is being created by thinking is a thought and is a new being.
  • In the thought are desire of the doer and Light of the Intelligence, with which desire could not come into contact in any other way than by this admixture by thinking.
  • The Light is not changed, though it is bound up in the combination until the thought is balanced.
  • Desire pushes the thought, and the Light guides it toward the first exteriorization and toward every subsequent exteriorization.

When a thought is exteriorized Light goes into nature, some of it is bound up in the thought and some is diffused in the body of the human.

  • When Light thus goes into nature it is attached to units and is part of the Light which acts as the intelligence, order and law of nature.

Only a doer can contain or direct Light of an Intelligence; no physical body, object of nature or even matter of the light world can deal with the Light, in the same sense.

  • The Light that is in the noetic atmospheres of the doers also illumines the light world, which is on the nature-side, and there, though not mixing with the matter, keeps that matter illuminated and in constant action.
  • It also shows what goes on in the light world and what has been done with any of its matter while that matter was in the lower worlds.
  • But the light world of nature does not contain the Light.
  • The Light is there because of the atmosphere of the Triune Selves.

The Light in the mental atmospheres of the doers pervades the life world.

  • This Light is the diffused Light in the mental atmospheres and is not mixed with desire.
  • Light mixed with desire does not function in this way; it does not get into the life world;
  • when it is mixed with desire and so is bound up in a thought, it remains in that thought in the mental atmosphere.
  • The Light in the life world stimulates there the active side of the units and so starts what appears later as life on the physical plane.
  • The Light does not illumine the form world, because there is no Light in the psychic atmosphere.

The bright lights, pictures and colors seen by psychics are matter of the physical world, for psychics cannot see into the form world, as their psychic atmospheres do not carry Light.

  • The form plane of the physical world is not illumined by Light of the Intelligence.
  • Its matter is lit up only in exteriorization of thoughts, not from the Light in the light or life worlds.
  • The physical plane of the physical world is lit by starlight coming through human nerves, by sunlight coming through hearts and lungs, moonlight coming through kidneys and adrenals, and earthlight from the sex organs and digestive systems.
  • Starlight is diffused between the stars but is focussed by the sun.
  • Starlight, if it could be seen directly, would be seen to penetrate and to bear the other three kinds and to be more powerful than any of them.
  • Sunlight focusses starlight into a steady stream, as thinking focusses diffused Light.
  • Moonlight adjusts the sunlight. Earthlight takes in or passes on or throws back the other three kinds of light.
  • All four kinds of light work together in causing a tree, a flower or an apple to be compacted or to grow.
  • Starlight,sunlight, moonlight and earthlight are not and do not possess light themselves;
  • what is called their light is their property of showing their active side when this reflects Light of the Intelligence.

In this sense the Light of the Intelligence, which is self-luminous and self-conscious in the noetic atmosphere, is hidden in the objects of nature which were wrought by the presence of the Light.

  • The process is not physical and cannot be coordinated with conceptions of dimensions.
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