14 Loss of light into Nature

So nature pulling on the fourfold physical breath causes thereby a peristaltic action in the four systems, by which visible and invisible physical matter, in which there is hidden some Light, goes into nature directly. The pull is ceaseless as long as the breath flows, but the peristaltic results do not carry Light to nature as regularly;sometimes more, sometimes less, sometimes no Light is transferred.

Whatever light goes out goes with the outgoing positive breath.

Some of it goes through the twelve openings of the body and the pores of the skin. This is either Light carried out by matter which has while circulating in the body been impressed by thinking, or it is Light which is directly thought out into nature through the sense organs, as through the eye when one looks at a person or thing.

The thinking is usually induced by elementals or by thoughts that enter with the incoming breath through the sex openings, the navel and nerve centers in the pelvic and abdominal cavities. The other Light that goes out does so in thoughts, when they are issued from the brain and when the person who issues them exteriorizes them by an act. Then the Light goes out through the act by sight or by word.

Through the bodies of children no Light goes out into nature until they become pubescent. The Light that is taken in from food is built into the body, particularly the bones and brain, through the thymus gland, the distribution being regulated by the pituitary body. By puberty the thymus gland is absorbed and therefore can no longer act as a stopcock.

At puberty a child is connected with its noetic atmosphere. From then on the generative system assumes the function of withdrawing Light from the two nervous systems, together with the function of seed production.

The main channels through which Light is lost into nature are the sex organs.
Seeing dress and movements, hearing a voice, especially in song, tasting rich food, smelling odors and touching a body of the opposite sex, all suggest sexual attraction and take hold of and dominate thinking on sex matters. Elementals come in. They are the sexual sensations. A human feels these sensations, but does not feel his feeling and mistakes the elementals he feels and nourishes, for his own feeling. The elementals excite him, he acts for them and he allows them to take the Light away.

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