16 The Lunar Germ Self Control

A lunar germ is made of matter of the four worlds and has mingled with it essential matter of the four worlds, that is, matter which has circulated so long that it has reached ultimate states of refinement.

  • In addition to the general matter and to this essential matter, a lunar germ bears the impress of the doer and has in it consequently Light of the Intelligence.
  • The lunar germ is material but invisible.
  • Both the lunar germ and the seed or soil are builders of bodies.
  • With the seed and the soil the outer physical body is started;
  • with the lunar germ inner bodies may be built.
  • The spermatozoa and ova are both as female to the lunar germ, and it is as male to them.
  • Only the gross physical elements flow through the seed and the soil and these are deficient in finer forces of physical matter.
  • A lunar germ supplies these deficiencies and has in it contacts for forces of the other three worlds.
  • A lunar germ must be united to the seed or the soil to produce a body which is not entirely deficient.
  • There ought to be for a proper human body a lunar germ in the seed and a lunar germ

also in the soil.

In each month, after puberty, the generative system produces one of these lunar germs in the pituitary body, (Fig. VI-A,a).

  • When the lunar germ has matured and has life of its own it leaves the pituitary.
  • It starts from there in a rudimentary way, on the right side, and passes down in the involuntary nervous system, having a little Light, which attracts other Light as it descends in the nerve plexuses supplying the digestive system in the abdomen, until it reaches the lowest point, (Fig. VI-B).
  • From that point the lunar germ, having crossed over to the left side, ascends along the involuntary nervous system and is carried by the generative breath to the region of the left kidney.
  • During all this time Light from food along the digestive tract, Light from blood and Light from the organs in the body attaches itself to the Light in the lunar germ for automatic reclamation.

While a lunar germ is in existence and carries Light, it may be deprived of some of the Light by an outburst of anger or state of jealousy, envy or revenge, but it will always carry some Light until the germ is lost.

  • It is lost in outgoing seed or soil.
  • It is not connected with seed or soil until that is precipitated and lost.

If the lunar germ has risen with its diffused Light to the region of the kidneys, some of that Light is taken away by the psychic breath and carried upward in the involuntary nervous system.

  • The psychic breath is made to do this by the mental breath acting within it and obeying the pull of the noetic breath for Light.

Then the mental breath takes the Light and carries it along the thoracic vertebrae to the region of the cervical vertebrae.

  • The mental breath is made to do this by the noetic breath acting within it.
  • The noetic breath takes the Light along the pons and the quadrigemina to the pineal body and into the noetic atmosphere.

This return of Light to the noetic atmosphere is automatic.
*It is done without the knowledge of the human and usually without the possibility of interference by him, though certain habits like the consumption of alcohol or of narcotics, or excessive sexuality, may hinder even the automatic reclamation.

The purpose of automatic reclamation of a certain amount of Light is to keep enough in the mental atmosphere to furnish the human with the Light necessary to continue living and carrying on his activities as a human.

  • The returning of Light from nature goes on continually in every human.
  • Only a certain amount of Light is allowed by the Triune Self to its doer, and the doer must husband and reclaim what Light is loaned to it.
  • Without this automatic process of reclamation a doer would soon be bankrupt and lost.
  • In the noetic atmosphere moves in regular action the noetic breath.
  • This carries Light of the Intelligence by inspiration into the physical body within the reach of nature, and carries by aspiration the available Light from the body, reclaimed from nature, back into the noetic atmosphere.
  • The usual means by which Light that has been in food is raised is carriage by a lunar germ.
  • Such a germ is produced once a month, descends on the right side and in a week reaches the region of the solar plexus; in another week it reaches the large intestine and the lowest point of its descent and during the third week ascends to the kidneys, on the left side.
  • Usually the lunar germ, after it has ascended to the region of the kidneys with the aid of the pull exercised by the generative breath on account of the noetic breath, drops back to the sexual organs and is lost.
  • If it were not for the automatic protection which the monthly germ receives because of the noetic breath,the germ would be lost on its path downward from the solar plexus and would never ascend to the left kidney.

The run of human beings would, owing to the pull of nature,become idiots in one life, if it were not for the automatic reclamation of Light and the protection which the lunar germ usually receives.

  • For this reason the lunar germ cannot be lost on its path from the head to the solar plexus;
  • from the solar plexus downward and then upward towards the left kidney it is protected;
  • but from the kidney to the head, if it goes there at all, it can go only as the result of self-control.
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