17 Reclamation of Light by self-control.

Automatic reclamation is done by the psychic breath taking Light away from the lunar germ, and along the nerves of the digestive system upward from the region of the left kidney and adrenal.

The three stages of reclamation by self-control are made by the doer, the thinker, and the knower. Then these three parts of the Triune Self take off Light from the lunar germ and take the germ itself up the spinal cord of the voluntary nervous system.

The basis of all four kinds of reclamation is the automatic process by which Light is, from food, prepared for the lunar germ.

The first stage of voluntary reclamation of Light that has come into the body, is the recovery of that Light due to desire to do right. This first stage has to do with taking Light away from the lunar germ, with carrying that Light into the blood and to the heart and lungs and with raising the lunar germ itself from the lowest point to about the junction of the first lumbar and the twelfth dorsal vertebrae on the left side
along the voluntary nervous system. The first stage of the reclamation of Light in the body is done by a human who does not want to be led by nature into doing things he feels that nature wants; who wants to be led into doing what is best for him and who does his duties, not grudgingly, but cheerfully. This relates especially to eating and sex, to the desires for possessions, a name or fame, and for power.

If such control is the endeavor of a human his desire will, without his being conscious of it, take away some of the Light which is carried by the lunar germ when it has risen as high as the left kidney.

After the psychic and the mental breaths have there taken some Light for the noetic atmosphere, in the course of the automatic saving, desire living in the blood may bear some of the remaining Light away in the blood stream. The only time when desire can get this Light is during one to three days of each month when a lunar germ is near the kidneys. The Light which desire gets in this way mingles with it, but does
not blend. The human does not know about the reclamation, except that he may feel a slight sensation of cheer.

In the blood there is bound Light and free Light. Light which was extracted from the digestive system of the body, is bound Light and cannot be taken up by desire until a lunar germ has extracted it. Light which desire has brought into the blood is free and remains free, until it is either reclaimed by thinking or until desire unites with the Light when the breath meets the circulatory system in the heart and lungs, and
only when a thought is conceived or entertained.

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