19 Retention of the lunar germ.

While it is possible for one who has developed a lunar germ of higher degrees, that is, one carried for two, three or four months, to beget a body in which a doer more perfect than those in the bodies of the run of human beings may enter, and while indeed there have been men on the earth who were born from seeds containing lunar germs preserved for many lunations, it is also possible to retain the lunar germ into
which the subsequent monthly lunar germs have merged, for the regeneration of the body, for self-impregnation and for the building of three inner bodies, in which the three parts of the Triune Self will live also in the form, life, and light worlds.

When all of the subsequent lunar germs have been merged with the first, there is a divine conception in the head, because of the presence of the solar germ.

The solar germ is a portion of the doer and it represents the Triune Self, and has with it some of the clear Light. It has no body of nature-matter, such as the lunar germ has.

There is only one solar germ for each life, though the germ renews itself every year. It appears at puberty, in the pituitary body and descends in the right side of the spinal cord until, after about six months, it reaches the end of the cord proper at about the first lumbar vertebra, (Fig. VI-A,d). Then it turns and ascends in the left side, during about six months, and arrives at the pineal body.

While it is in the head it renews itself and then starts on the next descent. It continues this through life.

At the death of the body it becomes again one with the doer.

The solar germ by its journeys, south and north in the spinal cord, patrols The Way. It keeps open the dwelling place of the Triune Self, while the three parts of the Triune Self, as at present, do not dwell in the spinal cord. With the run of human beings the solar germ does nothing more.
Its potential activities depend upon the presence of a lunar germ in its field of operation. Every lunar germ must pass the solar germ at least once a year, that is, while the lunar germ is going down. With the run of human beings it does not pass the solar germ a second time.

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