20 Divine, or "immaculate", conception in the head

If a lunar germ is not lost, but on the return path to the head rises higher than the station at the lumbar vertebrae where the psychic breath takes off Light in the course of the automatic reclamation, it is near the path of the solar germ and within the field of its influence.

The solar germ then assists the lunar germ, by giving it strength as well as a push or pull upwards. If a lunar germ is preserved so as to make the second round it receives additional assistance. So it is in each succeeding round.

When a lunar germ has completed thirteen rounds within twelve months, having of course with it the twelve successive monthly germs which have merged into it, and having the Light it received each time it passed the solar germ, and returns to the head, it is met there by the solar germ and receives Light from it.

With that Light is a direct ray of Light of the Intelligence. This is a self-impregnation or divine, immaculate, virgin conception, and from it begins the rebuilding of the physical body into an immortal physical body. With the rebuilding of the body is achieved the reclamation of all
Light that has gone into and was outstanding in nature. Reclamation of all the Light cannot be accomplished except in a rebuilt physical body.

In the measure that a human reclaims Light he becomes conscious of the Light in him, and with that conscious of himself as the doer.

The rebuilding is begun by the lunar germ which has been preserved during thirteen lunations. It is accomplished when the body is two-columned and sexless. Not until then can all the Light from nature be reclaimed, and even then some Light in thoughts will still be outstanding. Human beings living in one-columned bodies cannot reclaim all the outstanding Light because such bodies have not the necessary organization.

The only indication in any school or tradition of a rebuilding of the physical body into an immortal body is found in the Masonic teachings about Hiram Abiff, which is the lunar germ; about the broken column, which refers to the part missing below the sternum, (Fig. VI-E), and about the temple not made with hands, eternal in the heavens, which is the rebuilt, regenerated physical body.

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