22 Three degrees of Light from Intelligences

There are three degrees of the Light of Intelligences:

Light which is in nature;
Light which has been reclaimed from nature, has come back into the mental or noetic atmosphere of the human and is unattached;
and, freed Light.

In the third stage of reclamation a human reclaims Light from thoughts and from lunar germs that are preserved until they arrive in the head. Light which has been reclaimed and is for the time unattached is not freed, but it must be freed. Reclaimed Light may go out again into nature and it may again be bound in thoughts, and exteriorized.

Desire and nature-matter can attach themselves to Light even though it has been reclaimed many times. Light does not attach itself to matter; nature-matter attaches itself to the Light through desire.

Only when Light has become unattachable, so that no matter either of nature or of the atmospheres of the doer can attach itself to it, is it
freed. It does not become unattachable by anything the Light itself does but by the thinking of the doer to which it is loaned. It becomes unattachable when there is no claim made on it by the doer. This is the case when the doer has no desire for anything in nature, and when it has knowledge of itself and of the Light.

Then the unattachable Light is freed Light and is ready to be restored to the Triune Self. But it is not restored until the doer has perfected itself and its body.

Light that has been in circulation in the body but a few days has not the same power as Light that has been carried by a lunar germ for one lunation.

After Light has been reclaimed voluntarily from a lunar germ the Light that it gathers the next time is itself brighter and of higher potency and increases the clarity and power of the first reclamation. Light that is reclaimed has still attached to it adhesions of desires, which are the hooks by which nature can again lay hold of the Light. An adhesion changes when another kind of desire takes the place of the first. As long as there are such adhesions, they are obstacles which dim and qualify the Light. As long as there are such qualifications which go with reclaimed Light, nature can get the Light out again through feeling and desire that cause thinking.

Yet through all this the Light is never anything but Light, just as gold is gold, no matter what else is mixed with it.

When a man knows enough not to attach himself to anything or to attach anything to himself, he begins to free Light. His thinking and his actions free it, though he does not know what the Light is or that he is freeing it as such. His past thoughts which are his destiny bring him into all manner of conditions, which will afford him the opportunity, as a duty, to reclaim and free Light.

He is working out and balancing old thoughts while they are exteriorized as his destiny. So he is working off his old destiny and is not creating new thoughts, new destiny. The thinking by which he balances his thoughts is thinking that does not create thoughts. His thinking is done
with greater power and with more accuracy, because he is thinking with clearer Light and can turn and hold that light on the subject of his thinking.

The Light in the mental atmosphere becomes clearer and clearer as he uses the reclaimed Light and by that use removes the adhesions of desires and of nature. As his duties to the world are performed and no others are contracted his thinking takes him into higher realms, not connected with the world. These are the things with which his thinking is then concerned. It may extend for lives.

Eventually he knows himself, not as a human being, but as the doer. This he does by the freed, the unattachable Light. He discovers the Light and knows it to be the Light apart from him and that it belongs to the Intelligence. He may have known about this long before, intellectually, but now he knows it as it actually is, as the reality in his case.

When he attains to perfection as a doer he knows that there is a potential Light in him and that as soon as he evokes it and makes it an actual Light, he will become an Intelligence.

Feeling-and-desire and rightness-and-reason are ready to have I-ness become the light faculty, and selfness the I-am faculty of what he will be as an Intelligence. But before the Triune Self can evoke its own potential Light it must restore to the parent Intelligence all the Light it has received and that it has freed.

What of nature when all doers have redeemed and freed their Light? How is nature kept going when it no longer finds means in human desire to draw Light of Intelligences into it? The units of nature will then have been so changed by the progress of the human beings, that the Light extending from the Triune Selves will penetrate nature and will affect the units without being bound with them.

There will not be any such animals as there are now, because there will not be any uncontrolled desires. The plants will have different forms, in which to afford nature units the means to go through the stages of the vegetable kingdom. There will be animals, but no human desires will animate them. The animals, while having flesh tissues, will be inhabited by advanced units as elementals, and none will be ferocious.

In such time man will no longer be merely a human being. He will be conscious as a doer. He will think without creating thoughts. He will have a physical body which will be immortal. It will be made of the four states of matter of the physical plane, but it will differ from the perishable bodies of present humans in that the compositor units will be balanced and be no longer active-passive or passive-active;
the food will be taken directly from the elements and not through an alimentary canal and the cells will be renewed by essential life.

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