03 Purpose Of An Accident

The purpose of an accident is to call one's attention to the thought of which it is one of the exteriorizations. One to whom an accident happens can always, by searching, find out something about that. Though the event may not reveal the whole past to him, it may reveal that portion of the past which it is necessary for him to know. If he tries to understand, he will learn, and he will learn more, if he is willing to pay. He must pay anyway. What he learns will bring him nearer to the adjustment.

Suppose two men are traveling in a mountainous country. By placing his foot on an insecure stone, one of them slips and falls info a ravine. His companion goes to the rescue, finds the mangled body below, among rocks; and close at hand he discovers, cropping out from the side of the ravine, a vein of gold. The death of the one impoverishes his family and causes failure to some with whom he was in business.

Because of that fall, the other discovers an ore deposit which becomes a source of wealth. Such an occurrence is said to be an accident, bringing death to one, sorrow and poverty to some, failure to others, and "good luck" to the comrade whose wealth is gained by chance.

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