05 Accidents In History

Accidents which happen to a community, like a conflagration, cyclone, inundation or pestilence, are likewise the exteriorizations of thoughts of those affected.

Under this head fall also the destruction of hamlets and cities, and the devastation of countries, like the ruthless razing of Carthage, the sacking of Rome, the plundering of the Spanish settlements by the buccaneers, or the conquest of Peru. In these cases the "just" suffer with the "unjust". The "unjust" are the evil ones in the present; the "just" are the unrighteous of the past. Such destinies have been made by the action and inaction, the participation and indifference, of the inhabitants in times such as those of the persecution of the Huguenots, or of the Netherlands by Alva, or of the Quakers by the Puritans in New England. They will be brought together in the course of time, and their thoughts will lead them to the place and time of the exteriorization of those past thoughts. That place may be the same locality; or the people may be brought together in another, and there live in prosperity or in trouble, and share in the accidents of the final disaster.

The reckoning may be held up for a long time; but it is sure to come. The United States of America was set apart by Intelligences to try out self-government by the multitude, and so they have been led to success in their various wars, their political institutions and their economic undertakings, notwithstanding the actions of the people.

In peace and in war, their escape from the natural consequences of their selfishness and indifference is striking. But this protection and universal success, which school histories and orators seem to take as a matter of course, may not last.

There must be an accounting for all that these people did tolerate and do in violation of their great responsibility. The New England bigots, the Massachusetts slave traders, the Southern slave drivers, the oppressors of the Indians, the political and other corruptionists will at some time meet and suffer at the reckoning which is sure to come.

In every life there are numerous events which are generally regarded as accidents.

Such events are, to mention a few: birth at a particular time into a certain country, race, family and religion; birth into favorable or unfavorable conditions; birth into a sound or a diseased body; birth with certain psychic tendencies and mental endowments. Peoples' lives are largely made up of events which they cannot choose, and which seem to be determined by accident. Among these are opportunities offered to enter a trade, a business or a vocation; chance acquaintances who cause, prevent or end associations in work or commerce; and conditions which lead to or hinder marriage and friendship.

People, if they do not look upon events as happenings by chance, explain them as the will of God and seek consolation in their religion.

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