06 Religions

Religions, which turn around personal gods, seem incompatible with the law of thought as destiny. Some of their doctrines are particularly designed to settle inquiries into the mysteries of the law by statements which must be accepted by faith and without contradiction.

A religion is the relation between man and a God or gods, which he has helped to fashion or maintain, largely for the purpose of getting comfort and protection.

The religion into which a man is born, or which he accepts during life, indicates the stage of his development.

The commands of the god whom he worships, the form of the worship, the punishments threatened, and the rewards promised, show the particular element of nature to which his doer is attuned.

Nature is the nature-matter in those parts of the spheres of fire, air, and water which reach into the sphere of earth; a part of which earth sphere is the human
physical world in which is the visible universe, including the moon, sun, planets and stars, (Fig. I-E). A part of the human world is personalized in the organs, systems and senses in the human body. All these are made up of matter belonging to the four elements. Each of the senses is a nature unit, doing service in a human body. The four senses of seeing, hearing, tasting and smelling are the connections which relate the doer in the human as a distinct entity, to nature as a whole through its four elements.

There is a constant pull, on the one hand, by each of the four elements of nature on its particular sense in the human body, and, on the other hand, by nature on the doer through the connection of the four senses with the doer-in-the-body. The senses are the emissaries of nature: the messengers, agents, priests, through which nature speaks to the doer.

The pull is like a call from nature to man; it is experienced as a feeling, an emotion, a sentiment, a longing. The human is overwhelmed by uncertainty and the fear of powers against which he is helpless. He responds to that call, and to his wish for comfort and protection, by worship. That worship must take some form. The form is the religion of the particular human.

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