09 The Need Of Religions The Moral Code

The threatenings of a god cause fear. The human fears that he is not immortal. He fears the wrath of his God. He senses that he does wrong, and that he cannot help but do wrong when temptation beckons. These conditions of the human are permitted by the Triune Selves to impress a moral code upon him. The gods are quite willing to pose as the lawgivers and dictators.

Human priests are ready to take advantage of the ignorance and the fear of the human beings. So the moral code given by the Triune Selves is used at the same time by nature gods and their priests to maintain themselves and to keep the doers in human beings in dependence. The teaching of the "wrath of God" and the doctrine of "original sin", are illustrative of this. Yet these doctrines have a meaning.

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